Monitor Multiple Cameras at once with SimpliSafe Multi Feed View

monitor multiple cameras

SimpliSafe has always been one of the home security systems that people have loved. Even having multiple competitors in the industry who are very big like Ring and Nest, the company has been able to establish itself.

Taking precautions measures and seeing the recent hacks of other doorbells, it has always tried to remain itself away from any connection that would to any issue in its system. Taking care of people’s privacy has made this company more trustworthy and popular in European countries. Therefore, whenever simplisafe vs ring which is better is asked, people say simplisafe even when Ring provides more features than simplisafe.

In 2019, the company gave people hope that it would be coming with its outdoor cameras as SimpliSafe has not manufactured outdoor cameras for its users neither it allows the outdoor cameras from other companied to connect it with security system.

However, this shows the precautious measures it is taking to keep their system safe but on the other hand it is also frustrating for people who are using SimpliSafe and don’t connect any outdoor cameras for their protection.

Many tech gurus call this decision as its marketing way so that when simpliSafe comes up with its own outdoor camera it would have potential buyers. However, if it allows other companies outdoor cameras to be integrated to its system then there would be no use of coming with a new outdoor camera.

Meanwhile, the company has come with multi feed view. Let us go through this in detail.

 SimpliSafe Multi Feed View

Recently, Simplisafe has come up with multi feed view option where a user can see the live feed of all the cameras at the same time. This view can be accessed form Simplisafe web portal and still it is not available on the simplisafe App. However, it is being considered that it would be available on the App soon.

SimpliSafe further said that you can see the live feed of a maximum of 10 security cameras at the same time.

Further coming of multi feeds new option, it is free if you just want to access the muti feed view however for recording the videos you need a subscription plan.

The three subscription Plans

Simplisafe has three plans out of which two are paid subscription plans and one is a free plan. The cost of both the subscription plan varies. The Standard subscription plan comes at a cost of $14.99 per month whereas the Interactive plan comes at a cost of $24.99 per month.

The features of Standard plan are Environmental protection, cellular connection and 24/7 monitoring and dispatch.

The features of Interactive plan include all the features of the standard plan including alerts and alarming and video alarm verification. You also get 30 days of video storage, integration simplisafe Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple smart watch and smart lock.

What else does it Offers?

The SimpliSafe has two types of cameras –one is a video doorbell and the another is SimpliCam which is an indoor security camera.

I would give rate SimpliSafe Video Doorbell 8 out of 10. It is a quality product and came with a competitive price also providing top notch video and amazing sleek design.

However, the company is also known for providing DIY security systems which can be easily installed by everyone without any professional help.

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