Why Do International Students Feel Stressed?

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International students have to undergo something that they have never experienced before. Yes, can you imagine the feeling that comes with living far away from the ones who care for you? Of course! That’s quite painful. Things are not only difficult for those who find it hard to connect with new people. In fact, extroverts, ambiverts, and introverts find it hard to manage their stay abroad at some point in time. Things can go worse enough to lead them to stress. 

Yes, you heard it right the opportunity that your heart is eagerly yearning for can lead you to stress. This happens to millions of international students. With the hope to live a wonderful life, many international students dream of studying abroad. But for sure, the life that will undergo there will be completely different from the one that they have imagined. 

Through this article, we will help you understand the core cause of the stress of international students. How did this happen to them,  and what steps they can take to avoid this stress? If you have plans to study abroad or you are finding it stressful to stay abroad. Then, this article will help you sidestep the stress that is hovering over your mind. 

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The core  cause behind the stress of international students:

The wrong guidance 

It is not that once your visa is approved by the authorities, everything is going to be fine abroad. No, this is not the case. Remember that due to the mistakes of the visa consultants, many candidates find it hard to stay abroad and face many troubles. The visa-grating authorities can deport the candidates back to their home country if they fail to communicate in proper English with the authorities. Even the wrong selection of the course also makes candidates frustrated. The wrong selection of the location and university also makes international students suffer a lot. 

Hence, it is always wise to go ahead with experienced and genuine vis consultants to avoid the troubles that candidates may face while studying abroad. 

The language problem

No matter how expert we are in English, it is never easy to deal with people in the English language. For sure, the classes will be conducted in the English language, people will be talking to you in the English language, and every instruction would be written in English without translations. Hence, the language problem will be troubling you a lot, especially during the initial period of your stay abroad. 

Accommodation and job

Well, everyone is afraid of the thought of sleeping on the streets at night. This could be the worst nightmare that triggers anxiety in the students. Well, you live in a country that is not yours and you always have to manage everything on your own. The most challenging phase for international students is to find the perfect accommodation and the best job that can match their preferences. Of course! That’s not easy. 

Let us tell you that many international students have to travel 100 km away from their accommodation to do their daily job. Hence, they are left with very few hours to connect with themselves. 

When you lack the proper time to connect with yourself, you get pushed into depression. Hence, that’s why so many students feel stressed during their stay abroad. 


We are accustomed to living with our parents and our loved ones. When you study abroad, your life is actually going through a phase that is completely different from the habits you have developed. Everything is changing day by day and you are getting familiar with a new lifestyle. Hence, international students feel stressed. 

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These are some of the exact reasons behind the stress of international students. Well, the efficiency of your stay abroad highly depends on the guidance that you have connected with to get your visa. Hence, it is very important to go ahead with the people having experience and knowledge in the visa application process.