USA Study Visa: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Nowadays, the demand for studying in the USA is increasing drastically. It is because US universities are widely known for top-quality education, better infrastructure, a wide range of study programs and a lot more. Moreover, the US government offers a variety of facilities to international students which are beneficial for their personal and overall development. 

If you are also aspiring to study in the USA, you need to know the step-by-step guide that can help you apply for a USA study visa and get positive results. In this article, we have mentioned all the steps you can follow to apply for your USA study visa along with all the required documents. Well, if you want to get assistance from experts, connecting with the best visa consultants in Jalandhar is the best option for you. 

Steps to Apply for a USA Study Visa 

Here are some steps you need to follow to apply for a USA Study Visa 

Choose the University 

First of all, you need to know which university in the USA you want to apply to. There are a plethora of top universities in the USA but you need to choose the one. Well, the decision of the university can be easily made depending on your study program. So, first, choose the study program you want to pursue in the USA. After that, make a list of universities that provide top-quality education in that particular program. Filter out the list by considering various factors and then choose a top university. Make sure the university you have chosen is SEVP-approved. 

Apply to the University 

Now, you have to apply for a SEVP-approved university. To do so, you need to open the official website of the university and locate the admission portal. This is quite obvious that you will not have an account on this website, so create a user first. After that, choose a study program you want to pursue at that university and enter all the academic and personal details. Submit your application and wait for the response. 

Pay the SEVIS Fee 

Once you are accepted by the university, you will be enrolled in the SEVIS document. Hence, you will get an i-20 form if you qualify for the visa. After that, you need to pay the SEVIS fee of 350 USD. Note that this fee needs to be paid at least 3 days before applying for the USA study visa. You can pay the fee through any reliable method and don’t forget to get the confirmation receipt once you make the payment. 

Fill Out the Application Form 

After paying the SEVIS fee, you need to fill out the DS-160 form. In this form, you need to mention personal details and submit the required documents. The details required to be filled in the DS-160 form are your name, date of birth, passport details, address and phone number. In addition, you need to give details about your travel plan, previous details of US travel, details about family, work and education and also about your previous criminal history and medical record. Moreover, you also need to mention the SEVIS ID given on your i-20 form. After completing and submitting the form, take a printout of the confirmation page. 

Pay the Visa Application Fee 

To proceed further, you need to pay the application fee of 160 USD. Note that this is a non-refundable and non-transferable fee. You also need to take a printout of the confirmation of the visa application fee for future reference. 

Book Appointment 

Now, you need to book an appointment for the biometrics and interview at the nearest embassy. On the scheduled date, go for the biometrics and appear for the US visa interview. Prepare well for the interview and boost your confidence to answer every question perfectly. Note that the 2-3 minutes of interview with the officer plays a vital role. So, prepare the most commonly asked questions to answer every question in the best manner.

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Wrapping Up

To wrap up, these are the steps that must be followed sequentially and carefully to apply for the USA study visa. It is better to seek assistance from professionals to avoid any errors. 

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