What To Do After A Car Accident?

car accident

Modern life is impossible without vehicles and thus accidents are an inevitable part of this life. Car accidents are highly unsettling situations especially if there are injuries or deaths. They can happen to anybody at any time. Being a good driver does not mean that you would always be safe on the road. It can be a fault of someone else. If you stay calm and work along with the provided information in this post, dealing with a car accident becomes a bit less difficult. 

This post is more about accidents with minor injuries. After seeking appropriate medical help for yourself, you should hire the best collision repair company in San Francisco CA to heal your car. 

In some of the unfortunate accidents, the car is damaged beyond repair or the cost of repair is higher than its worth. Such a car is said to be totaled. If your call is totaled, consult your insurance agent to follow up the procedure.

Following is a checklist of 10 steps you must take after a car accident. Either it is a minor or major, you are at fault or not, you need to take these essential steps.

Stop Immediately

In case of a car accident, you must stop immediately. You should not drive away from the site of the accident or you may have to face legal action. If you want to protect yourself, you must stay at the site so that you can tell your part of the story.  

Do Not Disturb The Scene

Police digs the details and cause of the accident after careful observation of the accident site. You must protect the site and avoid disturbing it unless absolutely necessary. 

Even in the cases of severe injuries, improper handling of passengers can worsen the situation. It is better to call the authorities before any changes. This often helps to prevent further damages such as fires and short-circuiting.    

Call The Police

As soon as you get hold of a phone, call the local police. Local authorities can reach you at the earliest. Even if you find no reportable injuries or damages, it is better to call the police for help. It becomes easier to file a claim with an insurance policy if you have a police report of the accident.  

 Stay Calm

Meeting a car accident can get you in an emotional turmoil. It is quite difficult to stay calm in case of a collision but you have to do it. It helps to register facts and help yourselves in a better way. Do not use foul language with the other party. First responders find it easy to deal with people who are in the right state of mind and stay civil.   

Let The Authorities Dig The Cause

You do not need to go deep into the specifics of the accident. It is suggested not to admit a crime at an accident site. Let the authorities dig into the matter and find the actual cause. It often occurs that drivers misjudge the cause as they have a limited perspective. This helps you to avoid unnecessary charges. Witnesses and physical evidence are best to gauge the right reasons.  

Take Pictures And Videos

If you have a smartphone with you, use the camera feature to record videos. Take clear pictures before any of the cars moves out of the scene. These pictures are useful to understand the real cause and can be used for the record. Take a picture of the driving license of the other person, insurance cards and car plates.   

Call Insurance Agent

After the police have taken the initial report, call your insurance agent to the accident site. The agents are well versed in policy terms and conditions. They can help you to go through the claim filing easily.  

Seek Medical Help

As it was already mentioned, this post is about minor injury accidents. Once you have reported, seek proper medical help. A complete checkup is important after every accident as internal injuries are often silent killers. Medical insurance comes in handy at this stage.   

Get Your Car To Collision Repair Shop

After all the legal matters are solved, take your car to the local collision repair shop. Most of the users are concerned about the time frame of repairs. When you take your car to the professionals ask clear questions. Ask about the warranty provided by the auto repair shop. 

It is suggested to check whether your call is covered if it gets stolen or damaged in the repair shop. Hire professionals for best auto body painting in CA

Be Honest And Follow Up

You must be honest while reporting and follow up with the case. Honesty is the best policy. 

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