Overwhelm things to expect in Peanut Island

peanut island

If an individual looking to spend their vacation more beautifully, then Peanut Island is the best place to fulfill their expectations. It provides a more superior likelihood of water adventure lovers or to look for the best day trip in south Florida. Peanut Island is situated in common destination of Palm Beach County in Florida which is composed of driving distance to West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton. 

Snorkeling lagoon

One of the best and likelihood spot is Snorkeling Peanut Island in West Palm Beach. It is a place where people can enjoy different types of sea organisms and invertebrates easily. When it extends to the southeast tip, it offers easy and reliable snorkeling activity for children and adults. You can also see rock breakwaters which can be utilized as an artificial reef on the east side which composed of different species of marine. Most commonly, it is easy to see shrimps, lobsters, sea urchins, crabs, sponges besides coral species.

Reef and Mangrove Boardwalk

For further more water lovers, Reef Boardwalk is the best option. On proceeding to the south part of Island, It considers 280 feet over gorgeous turquoise waves of Lake Worth Lagoon. the breeze that is coming out gives heavenly feel with walk view of 280 feet in gorgeous turquoise waves in Lake Worth of Lagoon. 

Ongoing west further, you can able to find boardwalk in 230 foot which is commonly known as Mangrove Boardwalk. This pathway guides you over the place of water filled with gorgeous mangrove trees. It is a place where people can enjoy surfing activity. On proceeding further you can also have a broader view with wading birds and even manatees. 


When you remain nearby, you get the opportunity to appreciate breeze on the shoreline during the evening and take in normal natural life and environment when fewer individuals are near. Simultaneously, you can have advantages of lodging remain with on-location bathrooms that incorporate hot showers. You can have your meals prepared on fresh seafood friends at different campers at outdoor tables, and eat s’ mores at a flame ring.

Saltwater fishing

A favorite activity in Peanut Island is saltwater fishing where you can find enough interest to catch all types of fishes. There are some restrictions which are entitled to the security of tourist persons in saltwater fishing. In addition to that, guides in the island help to discover the most prominent places that opt for fishing.  

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