How to Wear Same Outfit in Different Ways?

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You can get a different look each day with the same dress! How? You can wear it in different ways. You do not have to invest in a bunch of clothes to get a different look daily; you can instead style the same dress in different ways and still gain compliments from your friends and colleagues. Here we have listed a couple of ways to help you wear the same outfit in different ways.

Ways to Wear Same Dress in Different Ways:

1. For Base, Choose Neutral Colors

If you want to repeat your outfit more than once, then one of the successful tips for the same would be the base color of your dress should be neutral. If you wear a bright colored top for more than one day, people will remember it; however, if your top color is neutral, people will not remember it.  

Also, each time you wear the same top, match it with different bottoms like black or white color.

2. Style Base Color Differently

Make sure the base color of your outfit is versatile so that it can be styled in different ways. For example, a button-up dress can be worn in various ways like you can roll-up the sleeves, untuck the top or shirt, or even tie it.  

In fact, you can pop the collar of the same or can even leave it flat, so give a variation in your old dress. Similarly, simple jeans can be styled in many ways. You can either fold it or leave it flat.

 These easy styling tips will help you to wear the same dress in different ways.

3. Choose Statement Accessories

Statement accessories can turn a simple look into a wow look. We do not mean expensive accessories by statement accessories; statement simply means –trendy accessories that would enhance the overall look.

Also, accessories draw the attention away from the dress and become a focus of the entire outfit. It will influence your look. For example, if you wear a scarf with amazing patterns and designs, then most people’s attention will go towards the scarf.

Also, they will not be able to make out that you are wearing the same shirt or the top. Also, do not repeat the same accessory; otherwise, the outfit would not look different. Next time you can team it up with a nice necklace or earrings.

4. Do Not Repeat Your Footwear

In order to make your dress look different, style it with an extra pair of footwear. Avoid wearing them with the same pair of footwear each time. This will give your attire no difference. For example, you can style your dress with flats, and next time you can wear them with heels or snickers.

By doing so, each time, your dress will look different. Also, do not stick to the same color; try different colors of footwear.

 Agreed black is a classic color, and it compliments most of the outfits, but it certainly does not mean that you will wear only black footwear. You can team your dresses with whites, bright-colored footwear, or shoes that have a neutral color.

5. Layering is the Key

One of the most full-proof ways of wearing the same dress in the most different ways is to layer it as much as possible.

While in summers, much of the layering is not possible. However, you can wrap your stole in the trendiest way that gives a different look to your dress. Or you can wear a cotton shirt of a top to make it stand out.

Layering pieces are look visually strong and ad a character to your overlook. It makes it exciting and completely different. Besides stoles, you can even consider wearing a blazer over the same top.

From a simple top to trendy blazers, you can buy all kinds of fashionable outfits from online shops like Koovs.

6. Wear the Same Dress in a Different Way

You can wear the same dress in several other ways; for example, you can wear a shirt dress as a long shrug over a top and jeans. This would totally give a new look.

Similarly, you can team your favorite body-hugging dress with a skirt and wear it a top to give your outfit a change. Or you can throw a trendy belt over your dress to give it a variation.

You can also wear the same long-short with a top to give it a western look, and you can create a traditional look by teaming the same skirt with a long kurta.

7. Team It with Handbags

Handbags or sling bags, they add a much-desired character to your overall outfit. Like footwear, do not repeat the same handbag with the same dress; style it differently. You can experiment with different types of bags.

For example, you can wear the same dress with a nice clutch, and next time you can steam it with a sling bag. In this way, it will give variation to your overall look.


It is not always possible to invest in the latest fashionable clothes. However, one can always look trendy by wearing the same dress in different ways. How? Well, you can team your same dress with various jewelry, footwear, and bags each time you wear them. Also, you can consider layering.

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