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When Do Most People Shop?

Let us go through some interesting statistics of consumer behaviour for online shopping.

  1. According to a recent survey where data was taken from 25 stores, most people shop on start of the calendar week probably on Sunday and Monday.
  2. Moreover the day of Monday was contributing a 16% to the total sales volume which anyhow was 10% greater than that of Sunday.

The above fig clearly depicts that online shoppers spend more money on travel arrangements& least on software purchases.

Now most people tend to shop online during sale period. If their need coincides with discount offers on the product of their choice, one can expect bumper revenue for the retailer. The online shopping is one such invention by humans that was a solution to a common problem. The problem was shopping from a virtual store across the web and home delivery of the products. The whole trade comes under a vertical called as E-Commerce. The retailers with end customer as a topmost priority try to woo them in every possible way. It can be free products on purchase, exciting discounts on amazing deals or thrilling offers. Moreover, they offer free delivery at door step of the customers. Ease returns and convenient payment options is a plus point.

Whatever a customer thinks off is available online. Other than basic commodities we have branded alcohols, groceries, novels, academic text books and the list is endless. The companies spend a lot on marketing and advertisement also. One cannot neglect the importance of social media in marketing. The users can directly connect with the store through their social pages. They give reviews and feedback and share their experiences whether good or bad. Moreover, the online shopping generates a lot of data that can be analysed for getting insights into consumer shopping patterns.

A new trend to attract more traffic is discount coupons on various online offers. A credible offer such as nnnow online shopping offers is worth considering. The online stores these days sell various products such as cosmetics, books, electronic items, clothes and many more. They have easy payment options such as debit card, credit card, UPI and cash on delivery. The payment gateway is also secured so as to have no data leakage. These gateways are under constant threat of unethical hackers. Therefore, the online stores have adopted a zero tolerance policy against consumer data theft. They spend a lot to protect their systems from viruses and malware.

Now turning our focus to consumer psychology we come to certain important points. An average consumer may wait for a sale period and on the other hand they may purchase it when they need it. If they get a discount on the product that they are not looking for, they may purchase it irrespective of their immediate need just to save on it.

There is one third party involved where the concerned people are called as affiliates. The concept of affiliate marketing is not a new one. It is just adding an intermediate entity between buyer and seller. The affiliates get some commission on every product purchased through them. This is given by the seller to them. But on the other hand the end buyer also gets some cookies such as extra discount or cash back. Thus all three parties reap profit. There are various verticals under affiliate marketing such as nutra, e-commerce, gaming, travel and gambling.

Concluding the topic we can say that online shopping is revolution and with internet is lending a helping hand to it. With amalgamation of innovation with technology, the experience is safe and consumer friendly. Although certain risks like data theft and hacking cannot be eliminated but they have substantially reduced. The cyber laws and online monitoring is very strict these days. Therefore, the anti-social elements are overcome by the extensive and updated technology.

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