Should we get worried about Blue light damage

Should we get worried about Blue light damage

Recently, blue light has attracted some attention in the hot news about the potential adverse effects of people whom exposure to blue light. The widespread usage of fluorescent-coated white LEDs (which contain blue wavelengths) in daily life has aroused people’s attention and triggered new research. Most of electronic devices come with the blue light LED display such as smartphone, and laptop, as well as others which are considered the culprit of retinal damage, insomnia and even cancer.

What is the Blue light?

The most important tool for us to see the colorful world is the eyes, and the visual imaging is the reflection of the light source by the structure of the eye. Among the light sources visible to the human eye, there are primary colors, colors of the rainbow, including red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, purple. This ranking is also exquisite. According to the wavelength of light, and from red to purple, the wavelength of light gradually becomes shorter. The ability of Blue light is relatively strong. Because it is able to penetrate all the structures of the eyeball and enter the fundus, in which cause irreversible damage to the eye.

Damage of Blue light

One of the Blue light damages is that long-term blue light irradiation will produce free radicals in the retina which can cause the death of retinal pigment epithelial cells, which can cause retinopathy and other ophthalmic diseases, such as macular degeneration, myopia and even blindness. Other than that, Blue light may also cause damage to the fundus after having the cataract surgery, as well as blurred vision and visual fatigue, etc. As for children in age with incomplete eye development, Blue light should be avoided.

How to protect ourselves from the Blue light damage?

Today, when electronic products are becoming more abundant in daily life that we get the knowledge via the internet. Our eyesight is gradually declining, but the electronic products are not the actual culprit that make the younger generation’s eyesight worse. As for the actual culprit, Blue light emitted by the electronic products, exactly is.

  1. Having the good habits to relax eyes when looking at the electronic devices for long time

According to the content earlier-mentioned about Blue light damage, it sounds so harmful. So, how should we protect our health and our eyes from Blue light? Before we answer the question, we are probably questioned that how we cannot work without looking at the screen in the information age? And also, people with eye injuries are only a very small number. It just sounds like nothing wrong. Despite this, the Blue light damage is the result of long-term effects, such as smoking. When this kind of damages accumulates, it will cause qualitative change varies from person to person. Therefore, the early prevention is best action regarding the Blue light, which reflects in having the good habits to relax eyes in daily life like what in the following:

I. Avoiding continuously looking at the electronic devices for a long time: usually we should have rest for 5 to 10 minutes for each hour after continuously looking at electronic display.

II. Avoiding looking at the of display electronic devices when the light is turned off: the dilated pupils will be caused in a dark environment, and a large amount of light will enter the eyes, which will cause macular degeneration or even blindness.

III. Keeping a proper distance (35-40 CM) from the display of the electronic devices. 

  1. Using the anti-Blue Light device 

Blue light is ubiquitous in natural light and white light. Even though display of electronic devices, fluorescent lamp, LED, and so on, also have a large amount of Blue light distribution. However, not all blue light will cause damage to human’s health. In common situations, the harmful blue light generally refers to high-energy short-wave blue HEV light, which is between the wavelengths from 380nm to 450nm, and the beneficial blue light is the wavelength from 450nm to 500nm.

        I. Using electronic products with TÜV certification:

TÜV certification comes from German TüV Rheinland Group, which is an independent, impartial, and professional organization working on creating a better future that fits the needs of humans and the natural environment. TüV Rheinland Group has done a lot of industrial certifications in electronic devices’ display like Honor Magicbook Pro, a laptop which has been launched longtime ago, and Honor V40, a smartphone which will be launched later 22nd Jan in China. TÜV certification has been highly recognized in the display field, covering 17 display brands well-known to consumers and six major areas including displays, such as TVs, PC all-in-ones, and VR. On the basis of ensuring consumer safety, Bring users a healthier experience.

II. Wearing the glass with anti-Blue light lens

Anti-blue lens is invented since long time regarding people who are sitting in front of computers or looking at electronic display devices for a long time. The anti-Blue light lens can certainly block some harmful blue light damage to the eyes, therefore it is going to make the eyes more comfortable in this situation.

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