Useful Career Tips for BCom Students

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Thousands of tireless hours studying, absorbing knowledge from thick textbooks, racing against time to finish the question paper, after all those trials, you have finally managed to complete your BCom.

You might also be someone who is still striving for their degree and things don’t look sorted out yet. The hurdles do not stop once you fling your graduation cap in the air, remember that. It can get perplexing but hold yourself together as we go through some useful tips to kickstart your career Tips to success.

1. Connections

In your years at college, you will meet thousands of new people. You will meet personnel from the industry you want to work in. CEOs, CFOs, HR representatives of various companies that visit your college. Build your connections. As you navigate through the years of college, talk to people, attend seminars, get in touch with people in the industry. That way, you build a network of people from whom you can seek guidance in your career Tips.

2. Internships

During the three years of your education, you will get a lot of free time. Dedicate at least a few hours of your day working in an internship or part-time job relevant to your industry. This allows you to gain knowledge about real-world scenarios. Internships are also a great way to collect appreciation certificates and recommendation letters to aid your job hunt for the future. An internship can become hectic so choose wisely and make sure it does not hamper your education. Upskilling becomes an important aspect during internships. So, if you’re looking for after Bcom course in Ahmedabad, this is the right place for you.

3. Communication Skills

Job interviews are some of the most tenacious moments that you will ever have to go through. Being able to communicate is not enough, you must have the communication skills to create your mark. Even after you land a job, great communication skills will help you climb up the ladder to success. Ideally, you should take part in debates, public speaking fests to build confidence and fluency. Communication skills are also a way to stand out amongst your mates. Developing communication will also help better phrase your knowledge and answers.

4. Key Points

Everybody knows what you know from the course. To stand out from the crowd, keep a note of key points and crucial but overlooked concepts. During your interview and job hunting, review these concepts to gain a better understanding. It will allow you to be confident in your answers and prove your proficiency in knowledge. Remembering key points also shows your dedication while you were completing the course.

5. Multiple Qualifications

Doing just one degree will not put you in the limelight. That doesn’t mean you do two or three degrees simultaneously. What it means is that you should pursue diplomas and other qualifications while pursuing your degree. You can pursue online diplomas, integrated courses in your degree, etc. It enriches your profile, ultimately aiding you during the job hunt. Having various courses is also proof that you have a dedicated mindset and commitment.

These are tips to prepare you for your career while you pursue your education. But once you complete your degree, the scenario changes completely. A few more tips to help you pass through that phase are listed below. Use everything that you have prepared during your education and carefully think about the tips mentioned below;

6. Pursue an MBA

Fresh out with a BCom degree, pursuing an MBA is one of the best post-graduate degrees. If you are looking for an after commerce course in Ahmedabad, consider getting your job done. It is a 2-3 years course that you can take up after clearing the Common Admission Test (CAT). Fresh MBA graduates are in demand in MNCs all around the world. MBA graduates are equipped with knowledge about the business world. It also equips you with further knowledge about the specialization you choose. The average package of an MBA graduate is 7 LPA.

7. Get an FRM (Financial Risk Management) certification

An FRM is responsible for preventing companies from facing huge losses in various aspects of their business. It is a nine-month course offered by the GARP (Global Association for Risk Professionals), USA. It is the gold standard in the risk and management industry. You will be able to go job hunting abroad with this certification. FRM executives are in demand given the rapid changes happening in the market. The average package of an FRM exec in India is 10 LPA.

8. Business Analyst

MNCs and Corporate offices are always on the lookout for Business Analysts. These are personnel who point out trends in the business of the company they work for. They can also be employed to point out trends in competitor business. Since companies are always on the lookout for sharp business analysts, there is ample scope in this field. You can also pursue short diplomas and distance courses while working as a Business Analyst. The average package of a Business Analyst is 4 LPA.

9. Chartered Accountant /  Company Secretory :

Charted accountant / company secretory are the most attractive course for any commerce student and it is the first choice of any commerce student. The chartered accountancy course provides the best opportunities in almost all the industries and in all the fields like, finance, investment, taxation, accounting, audit, etc. the company secretory is must requirement for any listed companies for all the secretarial work related to companies act and its compliances.

10. Digital Marketer

The world is going digital and so is commerce. Huge trends are being observed as companies race to create their digital influence. This is what has created job opportunities for Digital Marketers. They are responsible for creating social media strategies for companies and also developing the company’s digital presence. You can also do certification for Digital Marketer to increase your proficiency and get better jobs. Digital Marketing is a growing market, to be successful you need to think out of the box and also have excellent communication skills.


A BCom degree in hand can allow you to get top positions in the government too. Finance sectors and even administrative sectors are hotly contested fields. Millions of students apply and try out for Indian Administrative Services and other related branches. It takes preparation but getting selected in any of the government sectors is a future-proof plan to succeed.


While pursuing your BCom or after you have completed it, the key to creating a successful career Tips is to keep abreast with what is happening. Do not linger on past events and race towards the future. Give it your all and prepare yourself keeping your goal in mind. Look at every hurdle as an opportunity and your career Tips will soon become a success.

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