Different Types of Cheese You Must Know About

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Cheese is surely one of the most delicious and fragrant pieces of goodness that turn every food into a heavenly treat. Its extravagant taste amalgamates with everything. In fact, our favorite snacks like burgers and sandwiches crackle themselves up with slices of cheese all around. While some have an alluring taste, others have more of an acquired taste. In fact, you may probably not know, but there are different characteristics of every type of cheese. They differ in terms of aroma, flavor, softness, and so much more. So, if you are planning to buy cheese online India, then you must be aware of all types of cheese available in the online market. So, let’s discuss the different types of cheese you must know about. 

Types of Cheese Everyone Should Know About 

Cheddar Cheese 

Cheddar cheese is one of the most prominent cheeses worldwide. It is a hard/firm cheese that comes from pasteurized cow’s milk. Earlier it was only available to manufacture only in England and was only available to a few nearby regions. But today, you can see its production happening in mass countries and is consumed worldwide. It has a super crumbly texture when it is new and has smoothness. As it gets older, it gets sharper and sharper. In some batches, you might also find an orange color added to them that makes their color yellowish-orange. So whenever you plan to buy cheese online India, do consider ordering cheddar cheese. 

Mozzarella Cheese 

Mozzarella cheese has its origins in Italy. This type of cheese is made by using the milk of water buffalos that were reared in Bulgaria and Italy. Most of the mozzarella cheese collections available in the market today actually come straight from cow’s milk. This cheese is popular for its super soft texture and this is why it is to be consumed fresh. Many mozzarella cheese manufacturers also suggest that people should eat it within a few hours of its production.The unique thing about mozzarella cheese is that anyone can easily make it at home too. Its versatile nature and taste make it easy to use in pizzas, meat, salads, and vegetable recipes. 

Feta Cheese 

You might not probably know Feta cheese, but it is actually a very famous greek cheese. This cheese is only accepted in Greece when it is unadulterated and if produced in Thessaly. Other areas where it is produced include Thrace, Macedonia, Lesvos, the Peloponnese, and Central mainland Greece. But if it is made anywhere else other than these places, then it is only known as white cheese. This cheese matures after a period of two months and comes from goat’s milk. Feta cheese actually boasts a squashy texture and crumbled look too. Just like imported chocolates online, Greece manufacturers also import feta cheese in the online market. That’s Because the Greek label displays the originality of feta cheese. 

Gouda Cheese 

Don’t go by its name because Gouda cheese does not have the same pronunciation, the same way its spells. This cheese has the pronunciation of  “how-da” and is one of the most popular cheese varieties worldwide. This cheese got its name after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. This type of cheese is rich, semi-hard, and a very flavorful type of cheese made from cow’s milk. However, some cheese artisans also use sheep’s or goat’s milk to manufacture this type of cheese. The reason behind this is the long durability and soft texture of sheep or goat milk. Young gouda cheese goes very well with beer and fruity wines, and mature Goudas taste best with deep flavored wines and desserts. 

Emmental Cheese 

Ever heard the name Emmental? If not, then Emmental is a type of cheese that originates in the central districts of Switzerland. It comes from unpasteurized cow’s milk and is quite good in taste. The hard texture of Emmental cheese is one thing that makes it unique. Its thin rind gets a wrap up in the paper on which the manufacturers mention their names. This cheese is basically famous for eating with wine and fruits. The reason behind it is the sweet aroma and fruity flavor it comes with. Additionally, it also has a tinge of acidity to it, along with bigger gas holes in this cheese. If you are not aware, then such big holes mean that the cheese is very difficult to produce. 

Mascarpone Cheese 

Like its name, Mascarpone cheese is a rare and unique cheese not everyone is aware of. It is an Italian cheese that comes from pasteurized cow’s milk and is best for sweet and savory dishes. Basically, when you curdle the milk cream with citric acid you will obtain delicious mascarpone cheese. This procedure then leaves behind a rich, creamy flavor that forms the basis of Italian delicacies like Tiramisu and cheesecakes. In addition to this, chefs also use Mascarpone cheese to enhance the taste of a dish. So, if you are someone who loves cooking desserts, then make sure you bring home mascarpone cheese. 

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All types of cheese mentioned above are just a few different kinds of cheese from around the world, but the list is very long. If you are an avid cheese lover, then you must not miss out on trying these popular cheeses. Especially if you are planning to buy imported cheese, then do consider these available options and fire up the taste of your favorite delicacies.