Ultimate Guide on Different Types of Wedding Catering Services

wedding catering

A wedding is the most momentous event of your life! 

Right from venus to the menu, people choose the best among all. 

Undoubtedly, the wedding catering services play an important role in a wedding. The catering services help in preparing and providing meals for different types of events. 

For your clear understanding, we have created a guide. It consists of the top 5 best and most popular catering styles. Read on! 

5 Types Of Wedding Catering Service 

1. Buffet-style catering service

Most wedding receptions have Buffet-style food service. This type of service features a single menu set up on a large area table.

The buffet is the most common wedding catering services style that has been used in many functions. It is considered an affordable option for organizers in a wedding.

With a buffet-style service, there are a few people needed to serve food. As well as, the self-service system provides a seamless experience.

So, ultimately you can serve a number of guests in an economical and efficient way. However, socially distant weddings are mandatory these days, so arrangements should be made for the safety of guests.


  • Flexibility 

The buffet provides freedom to the guests to make their own plates as per their preferred choices. The best part is it’s available for both vegans and vegetarians. The vegans can skip non-veg dishes and fill their plates with salad, rice, truffle mushroom risotto, and choose other beverages. Moreover, organizers can put a special request for an alternative meal for particular guests.

  • A casual meal 

A wedding is a fun event, so it shouldn’t look like a formal office dinner. Maybe a sit-down meal will add a level of formality to your wedding. Here the buffet-style menu will look like a casual meal. 

To avoid the assigned seating system in an event, private function catering with buffet style is a great option. 

2. Plated catering service 

For a lavish and multicourse dinner, a plated dinner style would be the right fit for a wedding. Also, it allows your guests to choose specific food items in advance. Mostly plated style takes a long time to serve food, but people enjoy it.

Many attendees like to be served at a wedding instead of finding meals alone. Food service on the table allows more conversation between guests. And it helps properly manage consistent serving times for every individual. Also, the plated meals reduce waiting time for food by carrying glasses and plates. But organizers need to tell wedding food catering services about the choices of their guests.

Whether it’s wedding catering services or corporate catering in Melbourne, it has to be inclusive and provide vegan, vegetarian, and other alternatives. The serving team needs to visit every table to let the guests select the main course. Following the same will not make any guest feel left out.


  • Save time 

In a food station or buffet catering, guests have to stand in line with the plates, but not in plated service. Here the team member from the caterer comes to your guest’s table and asks them for their choices, then serves them on the table.

  • Enjoyable 

Guests can spend more time with each other. The food will be served there, so in the meantime, they can enjoy the event.

3. Family style 

For a small gathering, family-style catering services are best. Basically, this catering style is modeled after the sit-down style.

Here the waiters keep the huge dinner on every table to the serving platters. And guests fill up the plates with their favorite items. It is the same as experiencing the family dinner on a table in your home.

If you want to offer a familiar and comfortable experience to your guest, then opt for a family-style wedding catering services.


  • Home feel

Well, this style of catering helps guests experience the home-type feeling.

  • Choose by yourself

As your guest will be serving themselves, that means they can pick up their favorite food. 

4. Cocktail-style catering 

If you don’t want your guests to be seated or standing in a buffet line, then for private function catering the best choice is a cocktail-style reception. It is best for parties that need a casual atmosphere. Or, if you want your guests to mingle and mix with each other, then opt for cocktail style.

Cocktail catering service requires small, cold, or hot hors-d’oeuvres as well as drinks. These are carried by the catering team around the wedding reception. The cocktail servings could be anything like; party favorites such as gourmet sausage rolls and snacks. You can choose the wedding cocktail servings as per your needs. Also, it’s an easy and affordable wedding catering choice.


  • Extra space

For a small wedding reception, if you have a small space, then this catering style will not take much space.

  • Cost-effective

It’s a cost-effective choice rather than serving a full meal.

5. Food stations 

It is the most used wedding food catering in Melbourne and over the globe. Food station catering has gained much popularity in recent years. There will be many stations around the venue that provide food that is separated according to category.

For example, a person can focus on cheeses and bread, and the other will serve meat or eggs.

So, with these facilities, your guests can add items to their plates as per preferred tastes. Also, the food stations can be placed in different parts of your venue.


  • Choices 

The guests have free choices to decorate the plates with their favorite meals. 

  • Categories of food 

The food sections are separated as per the choices of vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarians. 

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Now, you have got enough knowledge of the most popular wedding catering services. So, choosing the best suited for your event would be easy.

Whether you are organizing a corporate event or a wedding function, keep the requirements in your mind.

Hopefully, you will find the best wedding food catering in Melbourne region. This guide would be really helpful for you. 

All the very best!