Different Types of AV Equipment That Are Popularly Hired

AV Equipment

Media production has become very common nowadays as events are being organized all around the world to promote or celebrate specific occasions. With the rise of various media platforms, the world of production has taken a new turn. Such changes always bring a need for technology and equipment. Hence, audio-visual tools have become very advanced and easily available in the market. You can either buy them or rent them from AV hire services.

Some of the equipment which is popularly being hired to organize different events are given below:

1. Projectors

There is a wide variety of projectors available in the market for AV hirepurposes. They come in different specifications and can be used for various purposes. There are mainly two types of projectors that are used:

  • LCD

The prices of these projectors depend upon their specifications and brand.

  • Overhead

These types are generally used for projection on a very wide and large screen like in theatres so that the visual can be seen even from a distance.

2. Camera Sets

Cameras and other video equipment vary depending upon their price, specification, and purpose of use. If you want to record a video, you are going to need a bigger and better-quality setup. A setup includes different types of lenses, tripod stands and other cords or wires.

3. Audio Recorder

This includes microphones, radio recorders, speakers and tuning equipment. You must specify the purpose here as well. For example, they differ if you want to record a podcast, ASMR or produce music.

4. Screens

This category includes a screen for projection purposes and monitoring. Protection screens are bigger in size and often white while monitoring screens are like a small computer or television used mainly by the director to keep the shot in screen and guide the aesthetic.

5. Editing Software

Editing software is indeed very costly and a must for any production. Yes, there are some available for free, but they don’t have all the tools required for perfect editing and most of them can’t handle high quality videos. On top of that, they are limited to smartphones mainly. That’s why it’s better to rent software by availing AV hire to complete your project.

6. Light Equipment

Good visuals and aesthetics are very important in production. Different shots need different lighting and shadows. This is done by using lighting equipment such as reflectors, and mirrors. They help to create a better focal point and highlights. Also, different spotlights are needed if you are doing a stage production. They become even more important of it’s a live show.

7. Studios

Every production team needs a studio to bring every element together in a production. You can rent studios for different price rates such as per hour or per day. However, studio renting rates are mainly per hour basis, especially, for music recording studios. If you need a studio for any audio-based production, you are going to need a soundproof studio with good speakers and audio output.

Now, you must remember that nearly all this equipment is very sensitive and fragile. So, you must handle them with utmost care. Another thing to remember is that if you are involved in a production that involves water, you must get waterproof equipment or make the necessary arrangement to prevent any damage.

The skills of every person involved make a good production and teamwork makes it better. It is no big deal in case you don’t have skilled or experienced members in your team. All you must do is ask for someone from the AV hireservices. Most of the time, they know people in the industry and can get you some help.

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