Top Tips on How to Write an Academic CV

academic cv writing

A curriculum vitae (CV) that has to be written for academia should demonstrate a candidate’s experience regarding teaching, grants, fellowship, awards he might have received or any professional association. In short, his achievements or all the necessary information regarding his academia.

Writing an academic CV isn’t as hard as you think. It’s just a proper and definite structure which you have to follow in keeping your CV organized so that it can present a fine impression on the organizations or companies who are looking forward to it.

When followed or maintained a proper structure you sure will conquer a major step.

So, don’t worry if you are looking forward to write an academic curriculum vitae since we are going to share some of the top tips that will assist you in crafting an amazing and astonishing curriculum vitae.

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For preparing on your own, stick to the following tips and witness an amazing and astonishing results:

Tips for Crafting a Perfect Curriculum Vitae (CV):

1. Maintaining a Definite Structure:

There is a definite structure of every type of writing that needs to be maintained. Similarly, for crafting an academic curriculum vitae stick to the definite structure.

Always place the necessary or the crucial information at the top. These crucial details usually surrounds the details regarding the candidates educational, employment history and also includes the information of candidate’s publications.

The experiences listed down in the curriculum vitae should be in reverse chronological order. The recent ones at the top leading by the previous ones.

The top most portion of the CV must include your personal statement.

This structure discussed is the basic, all the candidates must stick to it while crafting their curriculum vitae.

2. Writing a Personal Statement:

The personal statement in the CV is known as a professional profile that demonstrates the candidate’s interest, skills and motivation for the job in a concise and in a clear way.

This personal statement has to be written with proper attention since it forms an instant impression on the person going through it in a wee time, just in some minutes.

In these minutes, the person will be able to critically analyze your motivation and enthusiasm for the particular job or position you are looking to acquire. Don’t forget this is the first section the recruiters will read or go through. Hence, it should be convincing enough for them.

For a perfect personal statement make sure you keep it concise, to the point and write it in the first person.

3. Length of the Academic Curriculum Vitae:

Generally the professional CV have a limit according to which they need to be crafted. But when crafting an academic CV such a limit is not considered.

An academic curriculum vitae can be within the limit of 3 to 5 pages, since it has to include all the necessary information regarding the teaching experience and a candidate’s research and publication information. Considering these elements, the length will probably exceed.

4. Think Thoroughly About your Audience:

While crafting an academic curriculum vitae make sure you keep in mind the element of audience.
You have to sit back and think attentively and extra carefully regarding the department or organization you are looking forward to apply in. When you will look into it you are probably going to know or learn how you can craft idea for kids an impressive CV.

For example, if after consideration you come to know that the department or the organization values or prioritizes the element of research and publications you are probably going to put forth or discuss in depth regarding your publications and research.

So pay attention towards your audience.

5. Your CV should be Readable:

The alignment within your CV should be fine, margins and spaces should also be in a required limit.

You sure have the authority to add in the bullet points in some sections.  

6. Get in touch with a faculty member:

Your faculty member or the person who is in the similar field as you can assist you or guide you while building your CV.

Hence, make sure you contact or get a help from someone who has been in your field so they can guide you a bit while devising your CV.

7. Read Carefully:

When done crafting your CV, make sure you read it twice before prepare a final draft of it. So, you know it is free from all sorts of error.

A grammatical error disrupts the impression upon the interviewers or the organization.
SO make sure it is free from all sorts of error and is perfectly designed.

Final Thoughts:

You might feel a bit exhaustion or undergo confusion while crafting your academic CV. But these are all the simple and perfect steps, if you will stick to it you are sure going to devise a CV that will be impactful.

Hope that works for you!

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