Best Summer Craft Ideas for Kids in 2020

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During the holidays mostly parents prefer day-cares or holiday camps for their children as they can’t manage their vacations. While most recommendable is that they should spend their vacations with their family inside or outside the home craft ideas. Child’s first institution is their home and parents. Kids learn more under their parent’s supervision.

Therefore, I would recommend that you should let your kids enjoy summer vacations with you. Parents should teach their child clever hacks or crafts to save money and these best summer craft ideas for kids turn a child into a more interesting and artistic child. Summer craft ideas are the saviour that helps in a child’s nourishment and developing an artistic mind child.

These summer crafts for teens help in broadening their minds and make them observant. These summer craft projects make them independent and are helpful in savings as well. So, I have some clever summer crafts ideas to decorate your kind’s mind and his home.

DIY Photo Frames

Decorating your room with photo frames is the most common and easy summer craft to do. Mostly parents gather their child’s memories through photos. As for framing those photos one should have frames.

Using cardboards, thermal pools, and recycle ice cream sticks for making photo frames is quite a cheap and interesting idea. You can also mount a picture as a polaroid frame by sketching on a paper or cardboard. Use such stuff that doesn’t hurt the kid and is handy. 

Painting Ideas

The child’s mind is full of art. All they need is motivation. Painting on a canvas is not only art, but it can also be painted through crayons, colour, markers on any medium. Painting or doodling is the best summer craft idea for the kid to expose their talent.

Also, this helps in keeping them engaged in a healthy activity. You can also gift your kids a watercolour palette. Or you can also look for other safe-to-use colours that are easy to remove. You can also look for other items to gift your kids here. 

Pots for Plants

Children should also be told how to take care and grow plants in their homes, as going in the gardens is quite dangerous for minors. Teach your child to plant a plant by handing them recycled glass, mugs, jars, or cans. They can also use bottles. 

Tell them the importance of plants. Water the plant on a daily basis for quick and better results. Once they are done planting, ask them to decorate it by adding marbles in it, by painting and pasting. Also, make sure that your kids are wearing gloves while doing such an activity. 


One of the best summer craft ideas for kids is recycling which teaches them about saving money and using hacks cleverly. Turning an empty can into the penholder is the easiest handcraft. Using torn or old jeans as a book cover is also recommendable. 

Repairing cartons as a decoration piece is an amazing craft. The oldest and amazing craft is making a phone with paper cups. Old CDs can be recycled into pieces and can be used as a decoration piece is quite an idea.

Clay Work

Playing with clay and building castles with it is one of the child’s wishes as it is interesting. Making stamps, animals, pot, and other utensils by using clay is fun for kids. They love playing with clay. This activity helps them to be creative and also it is very safe and one of the clean best summer craft ideas for kids. 

Pot Painting

Kid’s favourite summer craft is painting, and painting pot is quite unique. Painting through thumb is fun for kids they enjoy painting on their hands and stamp it on papers ask them to stamp it on the pot for a different result.

Splashing colours is also an art, ask your child to drip paint on the pot for an amazing experience and mind-blowing designs. Ask them to paint their favourite character on it as they are so into cartoons. Use tape for designing and remove the tape after paint and enjoy the artistic effects.

Wall Arts

Kids normally love to write on walls so why don’t you turn this unwanted activity into a creative one? Let them do all the fun art on the wall. Help them to make it more artistic and interesting by using summer craft for teens techniques. 

You can let them paint their fingers on the lawn wall or even on their bedroom wall. Hula hoop rings are now being used for wall art as a photo frame. 

Use woods for wall decoration. Hand photo frames you made earlier. Hand them recycled hangers for wall hangings. Help them paint the wall with a roller. Frame their artworks and hang them for motivating and compliments. Hand them stencils to paint on walls.

DIY Organizers for Kids

Organizers are essential to add space to your room or house. So, you can show different tutorials to your kids that will help them make easy organizers. Also, tell them how to sort and place their personal items in an organized way. You can look for some of the discounted organizers here

Kids can also use used boxes and cartons for making organizers and for storing things and toys. Further, you can help them to create easy organizers with the help of plastic bottles or used bags

Pet House

Every kid loves to own a pet but on the other side, it can be very expensive to own one. You can have some of the ideas to lower the cost of owning a dog. Other than this, you can also ask and help your kids to prepare a pet house out of a used carton or cardboard. 

This way you can do two things: you can lower such expenses, and you can help your kids to be creative. 


There are many fun things that you can do with your kids during summer vacation. So, enjoy vacations or weekends with your kids and help them to be creative and expressive. These craft ideas will surely make their vacations amazing. 

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