10 Important Things To Review When You Approach A Ghost Writer

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So, you have decided to join hands with a ghostwriter. It’s truly a monumental decision! This step shows your confidence in yourself and your book, taking you closer to your goal of becoming an author. 

But before finalizing the ghostwriting agreement, it’s essential to prepare yourself and your ghostwriter for a successful partnership. After all, writing a book is a process that spans several months, and hiring a ghostwriter is a substantial investment. 

You may have come across stories where writers didn’t deliver on their promises, or ghostwriters suddenly disappeared. Regrettably, some of these stories are indeed true.

However, don’t fret. This blog aims to guide you in finding the perfect ghostwriter for your book. Drawing from our experience, here are a handful of tips that all authors should contemplate when they approach a ghostwriter:

10 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Are Hiring A Ghostwriter

Is Their Proposal Thoughtful?

Be cautious if you come across messages and proposals that seem like they’ve been copied and pasted. This should raise a warning signal right away. When hiring a ghostwriter, it’s important that they invest the time to thoroughly understand your project, brand, and niche. They should demonstrate genuine interest and relevant knowledge right from the beginning.

If you’re uncertain about a writer’s authenticity, don’t hesitate to ask targeted questions. This will help you gauge their familiarity with the subject matter or their willingness to learn about your brand and its requirements.

Are They Asking The Right Questions?

A competent ghostwriter will generally initiate discussions before the project officially starts. This proactive approach allows them to gain a deeper comprehension of your requirements. Consequently, they can provide a precise quote and timeframe, minimizing the chances of unexpected discrepancies due to overestimation or underestimation of the work involved.

Make sure the questions they ask are targeting the essential aspects of your project. These might encompass topics such as keywords, brand tone, or other pertinent details. After all, they can only deliver exceptional content if they possess a comprehensive understanding of these fundamental elements.

Did They Actually Read Your Brief?

A content brief serves as a valuable tool for writers. It concisely outlines your book ghostwriting requirements, the intended publication platform, and the target audience you want the content to represent. 

If the writer is asking questions that you already addressed in the brief, chances are they didn’t dedicate enough time to read it thoroughly. Alternatively, you can take a more comprehensive approach to test their understanding by embedding a specific keyword in your brief. 

Then, request writers to incorporate this keyword in their initial communication. This strategy assists you in promptly identifying writers who have made the effort to understand your project before responding to it.

Are They Passionate?

The ideal scenario is to engage a ghostwriter who possesses genuine enthusiasm for your industry or at the very least, boasts extensive expertise in it. It’s essential that they can provide samples of their previous work that directly align with your project. 

Apart from evaluating their familiarity with your subject matter, it’s also crucial to see if they can write using the specific tone you desire. For instance, if you’re seeking a friendly and casual blog post, but their portfolio primarily showcases formal, technical content, it might mean you both are not fit to work together.

Do They Plan Their Approach?

The suitable ghostwriter will promptly address any queries you may have regarding their proposed approach. For instance, you can request them to draft a basic outline to gain insight into how well they understand your expectations. This can also help you identify writers whose approach significantly diverges from your envisioned direction.

How Much Are They Charging?

Undoubtedly, pricing holds significant importance in any project. However, this doesn’t mean you should approach a ghostwriter solely based on their charges. While some new writers might offer lower rates due to limited reviews or experience, it’s essential to be cautious if a writer consistently attempts to secure projects by offering significantly lower rates.

Do They Offer Revisions?

Before you agree on the payment terms, make sure you know what the writer’s pricing encompasses. Don’t hesitate to ask about the possibility of requesting changes after reviewing the initial draft. A reliable writer should be capable of addressing these questions.

And if you’re hiring a ghostwriter from a platform that offers ghostwriting services in Ireland, it’s important to note that you should generally have the right to request at least one round of revisions before deciding to accept or reject the project.

Are They Available?

Much like a top-notch restaurant, an exceptional ghostwriter is likely to have a full schedule. Consequently, their turnaround times might be longer compared to other writers. However, the wait could prove to be rewarding. 

When selecting a ghostwriter, it’s crucial to consider their availability or potential unavailability. While you might have specific deadlines to meet for your publishing calendar, we don’t suggest choosing the fastest or first available writer.

Do You Find Them Responsive?

Inadequate communication is probably the worst thing in remote collaborations. It’s imperative that if you pose a question, you can anticipate a prompt response. Likewise, your ghostwriter should take the initiative to keep you informed about the project’s advancement, particularly as the deadline approaches.

Indeed, no one wishes to discover themselves in a time crunch only to realize that the ghostwriter has yet to initiate the project or is awaiting further information from your end. Remember, consistent communication is key. This ensures you remain updated on their requirements, start date, and projected completion timeline.

Do They Have A Good Reputation?

While your initial hire might be for a single project, many clients find themselves coming back to their ghostwriter due to a positive experience. Businesses always need more content, and that’s why having a long-term relationship with a writer is important. It’s a good idea to find a writer who is known for being reliable.

At first, a reliable writer will make sure they finish the first project on time. In the future, you can trust them to always be dependable. They become like a helpful part of your remote team that you can count on whenever you need them.

Bottom Line: Hiring A Good Ghostwriter Requires Careful Thought And Consideration

Let’s face it – hiring a ghostwriter is a serious decision. You’re entrusting someone you don’t know with your ideas and creativity. Yet, it’s not too hard to find a trustworthy writer to bring your book to life. Just keep these ten important points in mind when you approach a ghostwriter, and you’ll likely discover the perfect match.

Remember, collaboration works both ways. You also need to take steps on your side to ensure things go smoothly. Our advice? Show kindness and patience throughout the process of finding a ghostwriter and working on the project!