How to Choose the Perfect Banarasi Saree for Wedding Reception

perfect banarasi saree

Banarasi sarees have held a special place in the hearts and wardrobes of Indian women for centuries. The saree is named so because it was made exclusively in the city of Banaras. Even today the authentic Banarasi silk sarees are produced in countless households across the city. 

Each saree is handcrafted by artisans using specific methods and techniques learned from their forefathers. The silk fabric used for creating the sarees also undergoes special treatment.  This enhances the shine and strength of the fabric before it is woven into a saree.

The majestic appeal and the elegant look of these sarees is unparalleled. Hence it is not surprising that these sarees form an integral part of the wedding attire. Their rich, luxurious feel enhances the beauty of the women on this special occasion.

Special Features of Banarasi Silk Sarees

Banarasi sarees are also known as the Queen of Sarees   in India. This is because the sarees offer special features that make them stand apart from other types of Indian sarees. Some of these features include the following.

·      The sarees are made from the finest silk and are generally woven on a traditional handloom. The expertly prepared silk fabric is extremely soft and light in weight.

·      These sarees are known for their bright and shiny look. They often feature brilliant and vivid colors that change slightly according to angle in which the saree is held.

·      The patterns and motifs used in these sarees are unique. They mostly comprise designs inspired by nature and may include patterns of leaves, flowers, and even animals.

·      Silver and gold threads are commonly used for creating the motifs and patterns of Banaras sarees.  They are woven directly into the fabric by skilled artisans to further enhance the elegance of the sarees.

Tips For Choosing the Perfect Banarasi Saree for Wedding Reception

When it comes to choosing the perfect Banarasi silk saree, women are often spoilt for choice. The wide variety of designs, patterns, styles, and colors often make the choice difficult. This is especially true when they need to select the saree for a special occasion such as wedding reception. So, given below are some tips that can help women make the right choice and look stunning at the reception.

Consider The Body Type

A Banarasi saree looks graceful on women of all body types. Yet, choosing the saree according to body types enhances the personality of the wearers. Sarees with intricate work and heavy embellishments are best suited for tall and slim women. Such females also look beautiful in sarees having large motifs and heavy borders.

Alternately, shorter women or plus sized females should opt for sarees having vertical prints. Sarees with shorter borders are highly recommended for such women to make them look elegant and smart. In terms of color, tall and slim women should opt for bold colors and hues. However, shorter, and heavier women should   prefer light and pastel colors for enhancing their look.

Factor In the Complexion

Factoring in the complexion of the woman wearing the Banarasi saree is highly recommended to get the flawless look. This makes it easier to choose perfect saree that complements the skin tone of the wearer and enhance their beauty. Women with a pale complexion should opt for sarees having lighter shades and hues.

On the other hand, sarees with vibrant and dynamic colors look best on women having a wheatish complexion. Similarly, women having a darker skin tone look more appealing in sarees having rich, dull colors. This choice of colors according to complexion works best not only with Banarasi sarees, but with almost every other type of saree Indian.

Time Of Reception

The time of reception also plays an important role in the choice of saree. Generally, heavily embroidered sarees in red. maroon, pink and vermillion are much preferred for such occasions. However, these colors might not always be the best choice according to the time of reception.

In case of receptions being held in the evening or at night, sarees in dark and dull shades are highly recommended. These include colors like fire red, orange, emerald, wine, and royal blue.

Alternately, if the reception is planned for morning or afternoon, it is better to choose sarees of lighter shades. Colors like peach, off-white, light pink, powder blue, and mint green are best suited for daytime events.

Other Things to Consider

Apart from the above factors, women also need to consider other aspects while choosing a Banarasi saree for reception. The most important of these aspects include the following.

Cost of the Saree

Banarasi sarees are often more expensive than any other type of Indian saree. This is because making these sarees requires special skill and considerable time. The silk used for creating these sarees is also undergoes special treatment to enhance its shine. Moreover, the weaving process of an authentic Banarasi saree is quite complex. All these factors contribute to making these sarees pricier. 

Styling of the Saree

Banarasi sarees come in various designs and styles, and this directly impacts their pricing. The simplest sarees feature a plain weave with a minimal border. On the other hand, are exclusive handmade sarees with elaborate designs handwoven into the fabric. Contrary to popular belief, plain sarees can also look extremely elegant at wedding receptions when paired with the right accessories. However, most women prefer sarees with more elaborate and intricate designs and patterns.

Branding of the Sarees

Over the past several years, Banarasi sarees have become a hot favorite among renowned Indian designers. This has helped in highlighting the beauty and elegance of designer sarees India on an international platform. Moreover. it has also motivated multiple national and international clothing brands to adopt this traditional Indian attire. Hence, taking into account the branding of the sarees is another important aspect that women need to consider while choosing the perfect saree.

Final Thoughts

Nothing can beat the stunning beauty and mesmerizing grace of woman draped in a Banarasi saree at a wedding reception. The classic and timeless appeal of this amazing drape is now winning the hearts of women from across the globe.