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professional Amazon virtual assistant knows

When deciding what tasks to outsource, it is best first to make a list. Once you make a list, you can start looking for a VA because you know the outsourcing tasks. You can particularly search for the skills you need or even hire two VAs simultaneously with a different skill set to manage tasks.

Let us have a look at some of the typical tasks that Amazon store owners outsource to VAs. 

Customer support

You need a VA for customer support. Customer support requires sending emails, answering customers’ queries, helping with reviews, tracking orders and shipments. Performing all these tasks can become overwhelming and time-consuming. A professional Amazon virtual assistant knows how to handle a difficult customer situation and avoid negative feedback that can impact your sales. 

professional Amazon virtual assistant knows

Using and Creating Templates

VAs thrive on efficiency. One way to do that is by automating repetitive tasks. For example, they use ready-to-send templates to answer questions by customers, which makes correspondence more fluid and proactive. 

Handling Customer Queries

Amazon virtual assistants are core to customer care. Thus, professional Amazon virtual assistants put a lot of emphasis on courteously answering all customers’ queries. When customers get quick answers to their questions about a product, it reduces their time in making a purchase decision. 

Replying to Positive Reviews

Just trying to cater to the negative reviews is not enough. As an Amazon store owner, you have to acknowledge customers who have sent positive reviews. You can ask your AMZ VAs to reply to each customer’s positive review positively. 

Take Care of Negative Reviews

They can handle these reviews professionally. A professional VA with a well-thought reply can address them. Professional VAs understand the criticality of negative thoughts and know how to tackle them by identifying and overcoming customers’ issues tactfully. 

Manual FBA Fulfilment

Professional VA knows how to manage FBA orders. In addition, they have hands-on experience in managing the Amazon Seller Central and tracking orders on it. 

Inventory Removal:

Inventory removal is an integral part of the responsibilities of an Amazon virtual assistant. They take care of the unfulfillable inventory, move stock to third-party warehouses and take care of replenishment

Tracking Past Orders:

Tracking the past orders is beneficial, and your VA ensures that they keep a tab on past orders. In addition, tracking of the past orders enables them to take care of the refunds and replacements. 

Managing FBM orders:

Amazon virtual assistants take care of FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) too. They track the inventory at the warehouse and ensure orders’ delivery on a timely basis. 

Cancellation of FBM Oder:

The cancellation of orders that a merchant needs to fulfill is a tricky process. Professional VAs take care of order cancellations so that they do not result in negative reviews or an impact on the rating. 

Handling Refunds:

It is usual for some products to be defective. A VA has the skills to handle refunds professionally. 

Content Writing Tasks:

Content writing is a great skill, and it can help in many fields. For example, content writing can also help in managing a better store presence on Amazon. 

Here are some of how Amazon VAs with content writing skills can help. 


Listing is the most critical thing in your Amazon business and requires special attention. An AMZ listing must include a focus on your product’s purpose and its features. Professional virtual assistants with content writing skills can help. 

Product Launch

A content writing VA also helps during the product launch phase, writing catchy copy and result-driven marketing literature. 

Optimizing Your PPC Campaign

Trained PPC VAs for Amazon help optimize your campaign at each step of the product launch phase. An experienced Amazon PPC virtual assistant can often make all the difference between a successful and failed product launch. 

Campaign Creation:

The first step is to create a campaign with a tight budget. Then, PPC expert Amazon virtual assistant ensures that the campaign has optimized ACoS with maximized conversion. 

PPC Course Correction 

The launch phase of a product on Amazon depends entirely on a successful PPC campaign. During this phase, many uncertainties and difficulties need to be overcome. However, a professional PPC expert for Amazon knows how to handle such challenges without breaking a sweat. 

Negative Keywords:

Your expert Amazon PPC virtual assistant can run the campaign on an automatic or manual model. They also know how to utilize the negative keywords that are not relevant entirely. The focus is to help you save more money by eliminating keywords that won’t convert.  

SEO Optimization

SEO is an equally valuable skill in Amazon SERPs, just like Google. Your product listing has to rank against specific keywords for it to get traffic. Amazon SEO expert virtual assistant knows how to optimize a product listing that ranks well and brings customers.

Here are a few SEO tasks an Amazon virtual assistant performs. 

Keyword Research

To identify the relevant and suitable keyword as per your product listing’s competitive landscape on Amazon. 

Building Links:

A professional with experience in search engine optimization can perform this task. However, always trust a professional; Google can penalize your site if the VA builds the backlinks on spam websites. 

Bookmarking your web page:

A fundamental task of an Amazon VA for search engine optimization is bookmarking. Bookmaking helps you have your backlinks on websites that Google considers of high authority. 

VA for Social Media

Social media presence is becoming essential for Amazon private label brand owners. A social media virtual assistant for Amazon publishes posts on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to keep the audience engaged. In addition, a social media VA ensures a consistent presence by frequent publishing of content.

When you hire an expert Amazon virtual assistant for social media, they maintain a proactive presence of your brand. In addition, the best Amazon virtual assistant providers assign your personnel expertise and a proven track record in social media management. 

Product Sourcing

A product sourcing virtual assistant for AMZ ensures the sourcing of high-quality products at a competitive cost. These sourcing VAs negotiate on your behalf with manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers at best possible price.

Typical Amazon product sourcing VA performs the following tasks. 


They research the right supplier, wholesaler, or manufacturer, which is a time-consuming task. These sourcing virtual assistants rely on their experience and knowledge to find the best quality products at competitive prices. 


Amazon product sourcing virtual assistants take care of the negotiations. They know how to negotiate with suppliers who probably speak Mandarin working in a different time zone. 

Ordering Samples

VAs order samples to ensure you are getting the desired quality of products. Product sourcing VAs ensure you find the right type of product while keeping its different variations into perspective. 


Your VA must be familiar with the FBA Fulfillment because he will be the one sending stocks to FBA fulfillment, as you don’t want to run out of stock. Following are the tasks for completion that you can outsource.

Some tasks that VAs perform for fulfillment include the following. 

Creating Shipment:

Shipment creation is a 15-25-minute process which requires taking care of small details that take time to enter and gather, so it is best if your VA handles it.

Downloading Barcodes:

The next step is to download shipments to paste on the Package itself, which is a time-consuming task. Again, let your VA handle it with perfection and accuracy.

  • Downloading Labels

VAs take care of the return address, shipment name, number of cases, and quantity total. This information is available on the shipment label. The VA downloads and shares this information with you for pasting. 

  • Tracking 

The VA tracks the shipment and lets you know its current status.

Checking received Units

In this step, the AMZ virtual assistant checks the inventory to ensure that no units are out of place. They also contact Amazon support if there is a need to request reimbursement of the lost units. 

Keeping track of FBA inventory:

VAs keep track of the FBA Inventory so that you may know when to send more. 

Graphics and Photography Specialist:

A graphic designing VA designs logos, banners, and images of your page and social media posts. 

Some tasks that graphic designing virtual assistants for Amazon perform include the following. 


Listing is vital to an Amazon product branding. Graphic designing VAs help add high-quality images that go well with the copy written for the product. They know the criteria set for photos by Amazon and abide by it. 

Logo Designing: 

A logo is the lifeblood of any brand. The use of graphic designing VA services lets your brand have timeliness and elegance that helps your brand stand out. 

EBook Covers

Those who use Amazon for kindle may also find the graphic designers’ virtual assistance services beneficial for the cover design of their EBook. 


Infographics are essential, especially for complex things to translate into simple things. In this case, infographics are handy. 

Website Front end and Backend Developer

In some cases, Amazon store owners also like to have a website besides their Amazon store. In such a case, they require the services of a VA who has expertise in website development. A website developer helps them with the front and backend website development. 

Designing the front end of a website:

The developer VAs use Adobe Photoshop to design the website’s frontend. They take care of every aspect of the website’s look and feel. They customize the website template as per your requirements. 

Content Management 

Today’s websites are dynamic and need to have fresh content now and then. A website developer can also act as a content editor who can update the content as per the need. They can use content management systems like WordPress or Drupal (among others) to ensure regular updates of text to your website. 

Speed Optimization

A website design and development VA can also help improve the overall user experience for your website. They take care of its speed and navigation while ensuring the availability of the functions that it needs. 


An Amazon virtual assistant is a multifaceted individual who possesses many different skills. Always ensure that you find the right individual who has the skill set that you require. It is not humanly possible for an Amazon VA to have all the skills listed above. Still, many capable VAs are multitalented and have more than one skills to deliver value for money service in managing your Amazon store. 

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