Secrets to Finding the Right Penetration Testing provider

Penetration Testing Provider

It’s not a secrete that companies are putting too much effort to get the best security systems but the fact is even the reputed businesses are unable to get a security system that can make sure that it will secure them from data breach and cyber-attacks. Even though the businesses are aware of the importance of organizing the pen tests but what matters a lot is the selection of quality Penetration Testing Provider.

However, when it comes to selecting the best Penetration Testing Services then there are several professionals will appear upon searching but the problem is, in such a saturated market, how can you make sure that the company has to offer the right Penetration Testing service that you are looking for. Here is how you can find the right Pentesting Company.

Skill Sets of Pentesting

Good Penetration Testing can only be executed by the company if the Penetration testers have a broad technical and software skillset. A penetration tester should have well-researched and experience regarding the pent testing and they should have spent considerable time for Penetration Test. So when you are looking for a Pentesting Company then you will have to look for a company with a mixed skillset of software and technical skills.

Penetration Testing Provider

Talk to the selected Penetration Testing Provider or consultants that are certified for the tests. You can go a step further and ask about their certificates and resumes during the discovery phase to have better understandings of their background and how it justifies the pen testing methods.

Effective Communication

Without effective communication, you cannot expect the best Penetration Testing result. You can find out if the company is interested in understating your app and technologies or simply if they are just collecting information and want to start their test. If the application analysis is more like a checklist then the actual Pentest is more likely to be a checklist as well.

If their question is more than just what sounds like a checklist and more like something that indicates that they are interested in knowing about your system and applications? Or they just want to strictly stick to their predetermined methodology for pen testing? If everything feels like a routine then your Penetration Test should get another consideration and you should look for other pen-testing providers.

Look For the Demo Report

The penetration testing report is one of the most important aspects of the penetration test and the report should be available in both technical and simple context. Simple one for the executives and the in-house technical team members and better understandings about the Pen Testing report get a demo report of the selected company. Study the report first and if that was understandable and easy for you then you are in touch with a good and professional Pentest experts.

Final Words

Finding a perfect Penetration Testing Provider can be a daunting task but knowing what you want and how to get can make a huge difference. Always make sure that you are contacting the Penetration Testing Services.

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