Taking pictures of a child 5 tips for beautiful photos

children photography tips

Who said you shouldn’t work with children or animals? Photographing children is one of the most difficult but valuable forms of photography. When you are broken, you have an unforgettable and eternal memory. So you’ve already bought the digital SLR that Dreamco wants, but where do you start? How to draw good pictures for your children?

Never be afraid.

I have a lot of experience photographing children and am here to share my important tips with you.

1. Choose the best photo lens for your kids

The zoom lens is a good starting point: it makes you flexible and zooms in or out according to the function. Children (especially young children) move fast, so always choose a shooting lens that can handle these conditions (the lens with the largest aperture, such as f / 2.8). My favorite lens is 24-70mm f2.8. If you want a classic portrait of a child (where the child does not move), it is best to use a fixed focus lens 85mm f1.8 or 50mm f1.4. Prime is best for older children – younger children don’t last long. Therefore, instead of running around, you need to use zoom to reach your goal.

2. Camera settings for taking pictures of children

The first big mistake a newcomer makes is automatic shooting. Don’t be afraid to turn off the camera’s automatic setting; Once you’ve checked the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and white balance, you’re more creative. Especially when taking pictures of children, you need to at least check the aperture and shutter speed. Do you understand why …

3. What is the best shutter speed for taking pictures of children?

The shutter speed determines how long the shutter is open for shooting after the shutter-release button is pressed. So it decides two things:

1. How much light reaches the sensor a

2. Freeze image movement (fast shutter) or create blur (slow shutter).

The shutter speed at the back of the LCD monitor is usually displayed in 1/100 second. The higher the value, the faster the shutter speed.

What shutter speed should I use when taking pictures of benefits children gardening ?

It depends. Here are some freezing instructions:

• When children run around, use a faster shutter (1/400 second or more) to freeze the operation.

• If more light is available (on bright days), you can offer a faster shutter speed (such as 1/1000 second) without underestimating it.

• If the weather is bad, you may need a slower shutter speed (such as 1/80 or slower) to display the image correctly.

• Do not lower for less than 1/60 second unless you are on a tripod where the camera shakes (shakes the camera).

4. Use a large aperture to separate the subject

Aperture controls the depth or blur of the image. In children’s photography, a blurred background (also known as bokeh) always looks beautiful. This helps isolate the object and eliminate unnecessary background clutter. Look for an aperture of f4 or less for a wonderful bokeh effect. This is best for one to three objects in your image. Be sure to set them all at the same distance from you so that they are all at the same focal length. The lower the light value (f1.2 to f6), the less clear the background. The larger the aperture value (f6 to f32), the clearer the background.

5. The best place to take pictures of children

Make it as easy as possible. The outdoors is my favorite place to take pictures of children, because there is usually more light than in the room. Choose a favorite family area, such as a garden, woodland, or even your own garden. But make sure it is somewhere in the baby’s natural environment so that he can relax. If you decide to take pictures indoors, find a well-lit room. Make sure the window is well lit, and set the shutter / shutter speed / ISO accordingly. Expert advice: If you have more than three topics, set f6 to f8 or higher to get everyone’s attention, especially if you have a large number of people who support each other. This avoids any ambiguity.

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