Why should your kids garden? The surprising benefits of children gardening can help you decide!

kids garden

Every child looks for fun when it comes to choosing hobbies. Being an elder, you must help them figure out the best. How about suggesting them an exciting and healthy hobby? Well, which hobby can be healthier than gardening!

Growing and nurturing plants is magical. I truly believe that gardening should be an essential part of the upbringing of every child. Nowadays you’ll see plants sprouting up in rooftops and balconies! The benefits of children garden will surprise you to the fullest.

Planting seeds indoors has always been a tradition of my family. When I was a kid, my mummy introduced me to gardening. Nothing has been more fun to me than gardening ever since. Back then, it was my learning phase, and now you will be amazed to look at my gardening skill!

Wondering if investing time and efforts in gardening is beneficial and fruitful for your kids? Indeed, it is. No need to look any further. Let me assist you in deciding how gardening proves to be great for kids with amazing benefits of children gardening:

Sharpens all the five senses

Can’t believe me? Kids learn better when each of their five senses is engaged. While gardening your toddler feels the warmth of the soil, touches the seeds, fruits and flowers, sees the diversity of nature with vibrant colours, hears the quaking-grass and smells the fragrance of blooming flowers. Isn’t it great for your kids’ sensory development?

Motivates for healthy eating

Is your kid too picky about fruits and veggies? Yes, I am aware of such nature of kids. Even I used to feed the veggies to my doggy as a kid. But then gardening stepped into my life and changed everything!

Even the pickiest toddler feels encouraged to eat healthy fruits and veggies when they grow them. It is because they feel attached to the self-grown veggies and find the exact deliciousness they crave. To know more about gardening click here.

Makes science exciting 

Are you thinking about how they are interrelated? Well, gardening teaches science to your children the practical things which they won’t even find in any textbook in a unique approach:

  • Botany: While gardening kids learn the growing stages of plants watching on their own. Even they learn to dissect plants and grafting
  • Math: The management and planting of seeds improve counting skills.
  • Chemistry: While applying fertilizers and composts, they learn the magic of chemicals involving chemistry.

Builds self-esteem

Always remember that self-esteem is crucial for the healthy development of children. You may be surprised to learn the fact that gardening makes your kids feel more confident and capable.

When the kids plant a seed, they look after them all the time. Finally, when they see their hard work paying off, you can’t imagine how competent your kids feel over that accomplishment.

Enhances the sense of responsibility

Gardening is like a commitment to the toddlers and teaches them to be responsible. It is true that growing any plant from seedlings need daily care and attention of your kids.

Kids are aware that watering the plants regularly and taking care of them is a must; otherwise, they will wither away and soon die. This fact makes them more responsible.

Strengthens bond with family

Gardening with your kids and other family members is an enormous scope to nourish the bonds you share. It gives your kids the chance to create beautiful memories. How about not working in the garden but spending quality time with your kid? Yes, it’ll work too.

Gives an adequate dose of Vitamin D

Should your kids go out in the garden and work on sunny days? Of course, let them do it. Getting exposed to the sun helps them to intake an adequate dose of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is enriched with calcium and helps to make your kids bone stronger. 

Improves planning and organizing skills

Involving toddlers to gardening help them improve their problem solving and planning skills. You must know which flower blooms in which time of the year when it is perfect for planting your seedlings and how long a seed may take to turn into veggies. They also learn the organizing strategies which will undoubtedly help them in the long run.  

Teaches patience

Kids nowadays are used to instant gratifications. But I have seen the happiness in the eyes of my kids when they finally see the sapling growing into a leafy plant. So your kids will feel and learn to enjoy with patience. The waiting makes the sprouting of the vegetables and booming of the flower even more thrilling!

Makes them environment-preserving 

When kids are engaged in gardening, they comprehend how essential it is to take care of their planet if they wish their gardens to grow healthy and stout plants. It is the perfect moment for the parents to enlighten their kids about concepts such as recycling and pollution.

Kids start feeling attached to nature while gardening. Thus, they learn about the beauty and importance of nature and start taking care of it. Hence, encourage your kid to invest their leisure time in gardening.

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