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You may find countless Spanish Learning courses in India, both online as well as offline. The proliferating fame of this language has resulted in many Spanish language courses in India. These courses promote Spanish language learning and educate the learners about the rich Spanish culture as well. Moreover, most courses render features to help learners master the language through an easy and sleek path and incessant support throughout. So, one can choose the best that goes with their requirements, but below is the list of Top 10 Spanish Language courses in India that can be used as a guide to the questions like how can I learn Spanish fast, how long is a Spanish Language course, can I learn Spanish online, and so on.

Why should I do a Spanish language course in India?

 The list of benefits of doing a Spanish language course in India is overwhelming, which you can find towards the end of this write-up.  Mostly career-based benefits are very remunerative as well. On top of this, cognitive skill enhancement cannot be disregarded. Mastering the Spanish language helps in improving our memory, and broadens our mental capabilities. Studies have shown that learning multiple languages increases concentration and attention among young individuals. So, why not learn a super useful language like Spanish?

More people are becoming aware of these benefits of Spanish language learning in India, and as such many are working in this field as well. So, spare no time and start your Spanish language learning in India now!

So,  Here are the top 10 Spanish language Courses in India

  1. Henry Harvin- top 10 Spanish Language courses in India

Henry Harvin’s Spanish language course online with a certificate tops my list as Henry Harvin Education is one of the most revered institutes in the ed-tech fraternity. Numerous accolades like the top game-based learning company and top Corporate Training award make this course a prizewinning in the realm of foreign language courses in India. Here, the courses are rigged up to ease the learning process without compromising its integrity. Henry Harvin’s Spanish language course has the following facets to make it a salient course among the other online Spanish courses:

  • Here, training for all six levels of proficiency in the Spanish language is given and depending on the learner’s preference, one can choose the desired level. Accordingly, the course duration and the price vary.
  • In addition to the training, there are 8 other elements packed into this course namely Internship, Certification, Projects, Boot camps, Hackathons, Membership, e-learning, and Placement.
  • The course duration is 66 hours for each level which includes training, GD, and Exam Preparation.
  • Trainers are certified professionals and veterans from the arena with myriad experiences and credits, who can speak in Spanish with near-native fluency. The positive feedbacks of previous learners serve as testimony to the merit of this top 10 Spanish language course in India.
  • Each level of proficiency carries an extensive curriculum that promotes the language skills of the learner like Reading, Writing, Speaking, and listening skills pertinent to that level.

Above all, the hallmarked certificate from Henry Harvin lights up the CV with another cutting-edge element. The Spanish language classes at Henry Harvin follow the online mode through live interactive sessions. Just so you know, if you miss any training session, you can access the recorded video of the same through the LMS portal. Hence, it is a perfect blend of technology and training.

 For Henry Harvin’s Spanish language course fee and other details:

  Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course Fees

    Henry Harvin also provides these courses

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     Korean  Language Course

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  1. Instituto Hispania

One of the favored Institutes for Spanish language courses in India is the Instituto Hispania. They have promoted Spanish Language learning in India through well-received courses with intercultural references. 

They have centers in all the major cities in India including online Spanish language courses. This institute has procured an unrivaled position in this arena through Spanish Language courses at  Multiple levels and sub-levels of proficiency.

Their Spanish language courses in India are:

  • Hispania Uno or A1 level
  • Hispania Dos or A2.1 level
  • Hispania Tres or A2 level
  • Hiapania Cuatro or B1.1 level
  • Hispania Cinco or B1 level
  • Hispania Seis or B2 level
  • Hispania Siete or C1.1 level
  • Hispania Ocho or C1 level

The Spanish language learning from this institute can be customized to suit the Tourism, Business, and Technical industries The educators are certified trainers with extensive knowledge of the Spanish language and culture. Being an accredited center for SIELE and DELE Exams, Instituto Hispania offers one of the top 10 Spanish Language courses in India.

  1. Forefront Academy

Based in HBR Layout Bangalore, Forefront Academy is one of the popular destinations for foreign language training by virtue of its location and exceptional training provided to the learners. As such, it is rated as one of the favored among the top 10 Spanish language courses in India.

Elaborate Spanish language courses at all levels of proficiency are provided along with the counsel for higher studies in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries. The course is designed to strategically impart the various levels of training, thereby helping the learners accomplish the skills with much ease.

  1. National Institute of Language- top 10 Spanish Language courses in India

NIL is an edtech company proliferating the foreign language and culture.  in India as well as the whole of Southeast Asia. 

The Spanish Language course from NIL is an online certificate course with compelling trainers. The course is designed according to the CEFR standard as well. On top of this different plans are available to choose from list options. Robust online classes and Course material keep this course on the list of top 10 Spanish language courses in India.

  1. British School of Languages India

Another noted name in the domain of foreign language course providers is the British School of Languages. The copy line for the Spanish language course by BSL is that they provide all the levels of the course at a moderate price. 

Additionally, they provide educational consultancy to earn and learn abroad. So, if you are looking for a Spanish Language course that takes you abroad, this is the most befitting destination for you.

There is a list of options to choose from that even includes courses that teach the basics of three foreign languages like  German, Spanish, and French, which grants the BSL a position in the list of top 10 Spanish language courses in India.

  1. Institute of Spanish Studies

If you are scouting for a real Mcoy Spanish Language course, the Institute of Spanish studies is your ultimate stop.

 Being a SIELE-authorized center as well, this institute is one of the best among the top 10 Spanish language courses in India. 

Also, they follow the guidelines of CEFR in addition to a curriculum that has International acceptance. You can choose from an array of courses available here based on the levels of proficiency you desire to accomplish. 

  1. LetsTalk

The name LetsTalk heralds the nature of courses offered here. Based in Pune, LetsTalk enables Spanish language learning through DELE-certified teachers.

They have developed courses to suit adults as well as kids. One of the unique features of Spanish language learning from Let’s Talk is that it gives training in Spanish culture as well which grades this institute among the top 10 Spanish language courses in India.

The levels A1 to B2 levels courses are available here with the options of Group training, Corporate, Training, Private Group Training, and one-to-one training. These online Spanish language learning courses offer perks that are no less than Classroom learning courses in the same domain.

  1. Berliner’s 

Berliner’s Institute provides a legion of activities like Translation services, Counselor, Intercultural Services, etc along with Spanish language training.

 Interestingly, they focus on teaching-learning, and assessment. Furthermore, they provide training for the six levels of proficiency in the Spanish language. The six proficiency levels from A1 to C2 are available with more emphasis on the language skills to make each learner industry ready.

  1. Academia de Espanol- top 10 Spanish language courses in India

Another Institute that offers multitudinous activities in the Spanish language world is the Academia de Espanol like Spanish learning, dubbing, Translation, Interpretation, and so on.

What is more, they also create courses suitable for schools and colleges as well. As aforementioned, this Institute also provides training for all six levels of proficiency in Spanish language learning.

  1. Hispanic Horizons

Spanish nationals run this institute in Mumbai and offer all kinds of Spanish language learning courses for adults as well as kids. 

In addition to Spanish language training at all levels, they also provide DELE Exam preparatory courses for the desired learners. Special courses for Schools/ colleges are also accessible from here.

Do you Know?

  • All five vowels in the Spanish language are pronounced with the same sound.
  • You find the letter ñ in many words like Uno, Ano, Nino, Senor, etc.
  • The most peculiar and interesting aspect of writing in Spanish is that the question marks and exclamation marks are written upside down like (¡)  and ¿.
  • Pronouns are seldom used in Spanish sentences.
  • There are many Spanish language words that can’t be translated to English directly.

There are many benefits of studying Spanish in India, some of which are:

  • Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, which enthralls learners to master the language better.
  • Learning Spanish widens the career scope for many, which we’ll discuss below.
  • Spanish literature, art, and culture have attracted many to this part of the world. Despacito song, Cha-Cha-Cha, Salsa, and Spanish Flamenco are all related to this beautiful Latin American language.
  • Work or study in Spanish-speaking countries. Spain is one of the top choices of many to study or work abroad. So, fluency in the language can take you a long way in accomplishing your dream.
  • Don’t just be limited to your mother tongue, get well-versed in foreign languages like Spanish to create a makeover to your personality as well.
  • If you ever wish to visit any Spanish-speaking country, knowing this beautiful language can increase the travel experience multifold.
  • One of the main advantages of learning Spanish is that it is not a difficult language to master.

One of the mandates when doing a Spanish language course in India is the scope of learning and mastering the language.

 Here is a snippet of various Career benefits of learning Spanish as a second language

  • Exceptional Job opportunities which require the knowledge of a second language like Interpreters, Translators, etc. with the most Lucrative remunerations.
  • Enhance your professional relationships through strong business connections.
  • You can improve your relationship with Spanish-speaking clients which can help positively promote your service.
  • Advance your career by mastering this effervescent language.
  • Learning a foreign language like Spanish improves our cognitive skills, thus paving the way to better performance.

While we are at it, let us know more about the Spanish language, its origin, and some fun facts.

Facts about the Spanish language:

  1. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Spanish Language is related to the English language in many ways. Both are Indo-European Romance languages. They are kin-like to French, Portuguese, Romanian, and Italian as well.
  2. Castilian and Espanol are the other names for Spanish, which are variables of the original language depending on the region they are spoken.
  3. Since the Spanish language is phonetic, you can pretty much pronounce it if you know the spelling.
  4. The Royal Academy controls and coordinates Spanish language learning through reforms in Lexis and Grammar.
  5. One of the major influencers in the Spanish language is the Arabic language. 

10 Spanish language jobs in India

Learning a foreign language like Spanish in India has many fringe benefits in your career, as mentioned earlier. Spanish language experts are hired by Government agencies, Amazon, Wipro, and many more. A few of the job roles to consider in the world of the Spanish language are:

  • Bilingual Customer Service Associate- Should be able to communicate with clients and take their queries, comments, and feedback.
  • Bilingual Recruiter-  Should hunt and find candidates for various openings, and assess their proficiency in multiple languages.
  • Tour Guide- Should have a good knowledge of the various places to take their clients when they visit the country along with excellent language skills. Many companies hire Spanish-speaking tour guides to give their clients, a good travel experience while visiting India.
  • Spanish Translator- Should be able to translate the scripts and documents from Spanish to other languages and the other way around as well. The aspirants must have advanced knowledge of the Spanish language to fulfill this job role.
  • Spanish Interpreter- Like a Spanish Translator, an Interpreter should also have a good stronghold on the language to interpret verbal as well as written documents.
  • Banker- Again, their Spanish-speaking skills can help them deal with international clients better.
  • Event Coordinator- Should possess excellent communication skills in the Spanish language along with knowledge of the culture. Many companies hire event coordinators who are well-versed in Spanish.
  • Immigration Specialist- One of the top priorities of an Immigration specialist is to provide their clients with information about the requirements and legal formalities of Immigration to various countries. In the US, Immigration Specialists must know the Spanish language.
  • Spanish Publisher-  bilingual markets call for experts in the Spanish language for editing, proofreading, and selecting for the publishing houses.
  • Spanish tutor/ Educator- As the name suggests, Spanish Educators teach their students to develop language skills. In India, the popularity of this language has led to an upsurge in the demand for Spanish tutors.

Salary of a Spanish language expert

The Salary for a Spanish language expert depends on the location, organization, and type of job. The average annual salary of a Spanish language expert in India ranges from INR 3 lakhs to 9 lakhs depending on the proficiency level and experience. Since these kinds of jobs predominantly depend on the amount of skill, A good grasp of the Spanish language is mandatory for a successful career. Here, the list of top 10 Spanish language courses in India comes in handy. If you are an aspirant in this field of work, then this is the right time to start.


Although the list of top 10 Spanish language courses in India above incorporates the institutes offering Spanish language courses that stand cheek by jowl with each other, each holds one or more unique aspects of Spanish language learning. Spanish is an easy language to master, though proficiency can only be attained through proper training and practice. Some of the self-paced and free Spanish language courses in India cannot guarantee these two. Since Spanish language learning is a much more rewarding sphere of activity, I recommend that all the aspirants scrutinize each course and choose the one that suits them the best. Happy choosing!


  1. Is Spanish language learning difficult for beginners?

Ans:  If you are well-versed in English, learning Spanish is not difficult as both are Indo-European languages. You can choose the best beginner’s course from the above list of top 10 Spanish language courses in India.

  1. Can I learn Spanish for free?

Ans;  Yes, you can learn Spanish for free from certain Apps and most of them are self-paced. But, to master the language, it is advisable to do an online Spanish language course in India.