How to get a student visa to Georgia

student visa

The requirements for obtaining a student visa must be understood if you intend to study in Georgia. Depending on where you are from, you may not be eligible for a student visa. Before making any plans, you should verify with immigration if you want to study in this nation or leave it as a student. The procedure might be challenging, but if you know the appropriate steps to take along the way, it won’t be. For additional information on obtaining a student visa for a nation like Georgia, see the article below.

Georgia Visa Requirements

Due to its relatively flexible visa rules, Georgian visas are available to citizens of a large number of nations. Residents of EU and EEA members are free from requiring a visa. For more than a hundred nations, Georgia does not currently require a visa. These nationals are allowed to stay, work, and further their education in Georgia for longer than six months before requesting a Georgian residency permit. More than 100 nations do not require visas to enter Georgia. After residing, working, or attending school in these nations for about six months, an application for a Georgian residency visa is required.

Document Requirements for a Georgia Study Visa

1) Passport

2) Photographs of passports.

3) Passports in two copies.

4) Completed Visa application form.

5) Health and Travel Insurance.

6) copies of all academic credentials.

7)documents related to the reservation of housing.

8) Students who are accepted into a study program at a recognized university in Georgia must bring their letter of acceptance with them.

9) money to pay the tuition fees.

10) Visa application fees.

11) Documentation demonstrating sufficient funding for the program’s duration in Georgia.

How to apply for a Georgia visa?

  1. Place the acceptance letter’s tuition deposit section (Be careful with a bank account and name details)
  2. Submit your payment receipts to the university (By Email)
  1. You’ll get a letter from the institution verifying the payment that needs to be shown at the immigration office.
  1. The university verifies the payment by monitoring the bank transaction eight business days after it was made.
  1. Finish the application online. You must first submit an online application via the E-Application System to schedule a submission appointment at an embassy or consulate.
  2. Arrange your documents. After submitting your online Georgia visa application, you must collect your supporting documentation (as listed above).
  3. Pay the visa fee for Georgia.
  4. Deliver the paperwork to the Georgian diplomatic mission. You must deliver the required paperwork to a Georgian diplomatic mission personally or by mail once you have paid the visa cost and gathered the required paperwork. You can choose the diplomatic mission you want to apply to from the E-Application System.

How is the Georgia eVisa application process?

Through the eVisa Portal, Georgia eVisa applications can be submitted online from any location in the world. Following are the various application procedure phases:

1) Complete the online form.

2) The mentioned documents are in electronic form.

  • Passports Georgia accommodation proof
  • Travel and health insurance
  • a financial resources statement (eg: a bank statement).
  • Other paperwork is necessary for your trip.

3) Use either a debit or credit card to settle the $20 eVisa fee.

A little bit of patience is needed to process the visa. E-Visa applications are handled five days from the time.

4) If your visa application is accepted, you will receive a digital form that you must print.

5) Ensure you have hard copies of all the paperwork needed for entrance into Georgia and print out your Georgia eVisa.

Wrapping Up

You can Study in Georgia if you are aware of some important facts. Getting all of your documentation and permits together shouldn’t be a problem. Georgia has some of the simplest rules regarding student visas. For citizens of the EU, EEA, Switzerland, the UK, Canada, and the United States, among many others, Georgia does not require a visa. Upon arriving in Georgia, you have 45 days to apply for a permit. To do this, you must go to the Government Service Department in Tbilisi and present paperwork such as your passport, confirmation of enrollment, and receipt for your tuition. The student residence permit will be delivered to you a little while later. With this permission, you can live legally in Georgia mostly during your academics and for a while after if you land a job there.