Some Soul-Stirring Constructions of Marrakesh, Morocco

The north-African haven of Morocco has been a choicest destination with endless beauty and alluring landscape. This African heaven is loaded with loads of vibrant metropolises, relaxing beaches, luxurious riads, swarthy Sahara sandbanks, craggy Atlas peaks that surely melt the heart away.

This Moroccan land piece exudes an enthralling mix of different cultures with super delicious foods and flavors. This country is the proud home to the stunning strolling sites including all the ingredients ideal for all sorts of fun craver, adventurous escapers and energetic familia packs. 

Majority of the Morocco visitors on their cheap holidays to Morocco, pick up the Red city of Marrakesh, as their starting point. If you have been to Marrakesh, you might have a mind-blowing time at the rose scented souks on crazy labyrinthine lanes.  You might also have feasted your eyes with super splendid performances of street artists, tumblers, jugglers, hagglers and story tellers. 

However, let us aware you that this Red city of Marrakesh is far more versatile and rich in treasure spots awaiting your eyes to explore. If you are done with an ever cheery shopping time in Marrakesh souks, just head to its awe-thrilling architectural locations of this imperial city and see the living emblems of unprecedented arts and architecture of this beauteous Islamic architecture.

Top Unmissable Architectural spots of Morocco’s Marrakesh

Apart from amazing marketplaces, this 4th largest city of Morocco is the home of magnificent architecture that showcases a perfect blend of Spanish, Berber-Arab and French influences.  This city has several eye-catching constructions of great art work including traditional riads, hotels, museums, and other highlights. 

Among all these historic constructions, we have picked some unmissable architectural sites that you must spare time to stop by with your sensible teens and pals. 

Bahia Palace

This enchanted highlight of Marrakesh was built by an architect Vizier Si Moussa during late 19th century. It is also known as the Palace of the beautiful or Palace of the Brilliant. This historical structure features 150 rooms, along with side construction of the Court of Honor. This iconic construction is also filled with beatific gardens of scintillating flowers. 

The Moroccans in this building also host the Trilingual Arts festival for the visitors and locals alike. The elegant designs on the buildings reflect the perfection of Berber-Arabesque art works.

Koutoubia Mosque

The Marrakesh lover fans of the most popular Jema El Fena, never forget to turn towards the iconic highlight of the Red city which is known as Koutoubia Mosque. It is a grandest living example of old Islamic era. It is loaded with loads of stalls of beautiful crafts of leather goods, perfect handmade rugs, Aladin-like lamps, traditional styled lamps, and intricate souvenirs of all shapes and sizes. 

The rose-colored shade projecting from the mosque construction makes it a distinctive among all the buildings of Marrakesh. 

Dar Kawa

Marrakesh city is the hub of the super swanky rest houses known as Riads. These rest houses exude the elegance and excellence of Moroccan art and architecture that melt the hearts away. In the city you undoubtedly find plethora of breath-taking riads everywhere, with the best of the best amenities. Among them, Dar Kawa riad of Marrakesh is the gem construction with just five rooms. Built in 17th century, this beauteous riad will arouse your aesthetic sense and relax your soul at the same time. 

Ensemble Artisanal Marrakesh

You will find this soul-stirring architectural highlight in around a 10 mins walk away from the bustling Jema El Fena. It is newly build amazing shopping complex, loaded with calming Andalusian courtyards and mesmerizing atmosphere of Islamic architecture. 

After a daylong rambling in the busiest El Fena market, this construction is truly a calming respite away from the market hassles. 

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