Cloud computing means delivering computing services over the internet, which include software, storage, intelligence, networking, etc. It allows you to access all the data and other resources from the cloud instead of computer hardware. 

Cloud computing helps in solving complex problems via the simplest methods, therefore it has become an integral part of the business world. There are many IT service providers who provide a cloud for businesses in Charlotte, NC for customer support and confidential data storage. It saves money and gives peace of mind to business owners.

Why Do Companies Use Cloud Computing?

Every type and size of company or business using cloud computing due to the following reasons -:

  • Data Backup -:

Organizations opt to Data back services to store their data on a remote server. This allows you to protect important files and data, and you can access them at any time in case of system failure and natural disaster.

  • Desktop Virtualization -:

This technology allows the user to work anytime, anywhere remotely by providing him a virtual computing environment. 

  • Software development & Testing -:

Cloud computing is also used to enhance the quality of software development and testing. 

  • Big Data Analytics -:

It is used to process big data analytics. Cloud computing not only analyzes big data efficiently, but it also increases productivity and reduces the overall cost to process the data.

How Cloud Computing is Changing the Business World?

  • Improve Operations -:

Cloud technology allows employees to create “virtual offices” anywhere via the internet and also gives them the flexibility to access all resources and apps via smartphones, desktop, tablets, and laptops. And this enables management, employees, and clients to stay connected and thereby increases productivity and improve overall operational efficiency.

  • Improve Customer Support -:

The cloud has also improved customer support and strengthened their relationship with organizations. One can create effective customer-oriented apps with the help of cloud technology, which allows employees to interact with the customers and solve their real-time problems. 

  • Saves Money -:

Using cloud services also saves the Organization’s money, as they don’t need to manage and maintain in house IT systems. Also, cloud computing makes it possible to access central data storage to many employees from different locations, this saves both time and cost.

  • Provide Data Security -:

Data security is another important element of cloud computing. Keeping your data in the cloud is the same as protecting it in a traditional data center. Data stored in cloud storage is protected by top security tools that do not allow anyone to modify or steal your data.

For example, many companies provide IT support to medical offices, including cloud storage services, which helps secure their client/patient data.

Three Types of Cloud Servers 

Cloud service models are divided into three categories -:

  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a storage

In this type of cloud, the vendor will provide you all the virtualized computing sources such as hardware, software, storage, networking, etc over the internet. He will also provide maintenance and support services to you. Some known examples of IaaS include Amazon web services, Cisco Metapad, Google Compute Engine, etc.

  • PaaS – Platform as a service

It is a cloud computing base that transports the hardware and software tools to the organization. This platform is specially meant for software development and testing. This cloud service allows IT organizations to focus on creating code rather than the IT infrastructure. Google App Engine, Window Azure, Heroku are some popular examples of PaaS.

  • SaaS – Software as a Service

In this model, the vendor controls all applications and the user has quick access to those web-based apps. This cloud platform does not require any modifications in the existing IT infrastructure of the businesses. Google Apps, ZenDisk, HubSpot, Microsoft office 365 are examples of SaaS.

In Final Words -:

In this digital age, whether it’s about big organizations or a small business, it is very important to secure your and your client’s confidential data with cloud computing services. Apart from protecting important files and data, it also improves the productivity and performance of the workers/employees.

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