Solopreneur Support: Here’s What (and Who) You Need for Success

solopreneur support

Going it alone is great for your business in many ways. Keeping expenses low and maintaining creative authority are just two perks. But there are also plenty of professionals and services that can solopreneur support your business goals without getting in your way.

Here’s who and what you need for solopreneur support , courtesy of Just Get Blogging.

Support for Short-Term Projects

When you’re starting out in your niche – or scaling up – creating a cohesive brand can be a challenge. But with a handful of short-term projects, you can lay out your brand and mission, enlisting the help of freelancers to tackle the basics.

Visual Designers

Want to create a visually memorable branding palette? You can hire a designer to create a logo for your company, including variations for different platforms and even print usage. Bundling images is another option when it comes to outfitting your social media pages or website with attractive visuals that will impress your audience.

Web Developers

Ready to reach prospective clients online? A web developer can build a website from the ground up, creating an attractive and interactive platform from which you can engage with customers. Other types of developers can also devise apps for your business, whether you want to sell a product, service, or launch a membership program.

Services for Those Stacks of Paperwork

Filing paperwork is one of the least glamorous aspects of business ownership. But ensuring that you meet legal and professional standards is crucial. Forming an LLC online is an easy way to start your new company. The benefits of establishing an LLC include tax advantages, less paperwork overall, and limited liability regardless of your industry. To get through the legalese, consider using a formation service to do the heavy lifting – but make sure to check your state’s rules beforehand.

Tech-Based Options for Business Growth

When you’re just one business owner, it can be tough to keep track of everything you need to accomplish. From boosting your brand on social media to devising snappy blog content to DIYing an online store, your to-do list is likely massive. Fortunately, technology can support plenty of those endeavors.

Automation for the Win

Automating elements of your business operations can free up your time for other pursuits (like growing your brand even more).

For example, social media automation ensures that your brilliant 140-character snippets post at the appropriate time to engage your audience, notes HubSpot. Social media schedulers can even re-tweet or re-post others’ content, giving you another way to connect followers with your brand even when you’re not online.

Project Management to Organize

Have multiple projects going on at the same time? Stay organized without the need for an office assistant with project management software. Tools like ClickUp, Asana, Basecamp, and others let you arrange your work plus collaborate with clients or part-time contractors.

You can schedule reminders, due dates, and manage concurrent assignments with ease – and never miss a deadline again.

Invoicing and Accounting Tools to Get Paid

Getting paid is a crucial part of your business model, but why make it complicated? Invoicing and accounting tools ensure you get paid and keep track of every dime.

Some accounting/invoicing software suites even calculate your self-employment tax, Others help you track personal versus company expenses throughout the year, so tax time is easier than ever. PC Mag recommends software like FreshBooks, Wave, Xero, and others – and there’s something at every solopreneur support price point. 

Starting out on a solopreneur support journey can feel daunting. But you don’t have to go it entirely alone. With these options for professional support, you can accomplish more – with less stress – and still turn a profit.

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