Social Media Digital Signage – What is it and Why Your Marketing Needs It

social media digital signage

It’s time that businesses face the imminent truth that traditional ad gimmicks do not interest consumers anymore! There is a reason that offline marketing has seen a decline in the past few years and that reason is-the rise of social media. 

Therefore, it is obvious that marketers are innovating different social media strategies to promote their products. However, at some point, those plans too, are going to exhaust. In such a scenario, there is only one solution at present that could cater to both the offline and online advertising needs of a brand. 

That solution is Social Media Digital Signage!

What is Social Media Digital Signage?

As the name suggests, social media digital signage brings together two different but essential channels of brand marketing- social media and offline digital displays. 

When content from a brand’s and its users’ social media profiles are put on a display for the world to see, it is known as Social Media Digital Signage. 

A new-age marketing tool, Social Media Digital Screens thrives on a few significant factors that are considered must-haves in the modern marketing world. 

It promotes user engagement and interaction, enhances consumer-experiences and as a consequence of the former two, facilitates easier conversions. 

Why Your Marketing Needs A Digital Social Wall Makeover

Here are the top reasons as to why your marketing strategy needs to have a Digital Social Wall ASAP! 

· Engaging Marketing Campaigns

Offline advertising suffers from one-sided interaction which does next to nothing when it comes to building a brand connection. Also, the user’s opinions about how they want to be reached out remain unheard. 

Digital Signages brings the balance in communication power between brand and users.It does not stop the businesses to get their message across but it also gives a liberty to the audience about how they want to be interacted with!

Digital Social Media Displays when blended with interactive attributes like face recognition, touchscreens or AI-powered ads, takes the brand visibility to the next level! 

Consumer-engaging marketing campaigns can be run on these interactive screens that encourage users to share their pics with a dedicated hashtag on social media. Those pics can be continuously played on the screen in real-time using a social media aggregator tool. 

· Boosts Social Interactions

Along with fostering brand presence offline, social media digital signages also takes the offline audience to business social media accounts. There is no doubt that social media platforms are a place to be but there are still many people who may not be aware of a brand social media presence. 

By showcasing the user-generated content from social media at offline spots through digital signage, brands can draw attention from new consumers. 

By bridging the gap between the online and offline realm, social media digital signage gives greater exposure to a business in terms of both reach and revenue. It also helps in creating a brand identity for a business. 

· Creates a Social Proof

Consumers do not give heed to promotional ads and gimmicks these days. They want everything to be as authentic as possible and they only go for brands that they deem as reliable. 

Social proof is a psychological term which could be defined as the influence of one user’s buying experience on another’s purchasing decision.

One of the major benefits of using digital signage displaying social media feed is that it could fetch all the content by brand customers that have ever been shared on social media platforms. This is known as user-generated content and could easily be curated and filtered using a UGC tool. 

When consumers in the offline world witness the power of a product over consumer’s lives, they too want to get aboard with that brand. Having digital signage displaying social media UGC drives sales organically. 

· Amps Up The Entertainment Factor

This is more relatable in the case of the event and entertainment industry but with a little bit of creativity, any business can use digital signage to spark brand curiosity among the audience. 

At product launches or mega-sized malls, when these digitized social wall displays are installed, they leave a larger-than-life impression on people’s minds. 

By adding engaging gaming features such as leaderboards, giveaway contests, etc. brands could revamp their image from traditional to fun! It delivers a strong message that a business is not only here to sell a product but also cares about consumer satisfaction.  

Ways Businesses Can Use Social Medial Digital Signages 

· In-Stores

Setting up social media digital signages in the brick-and-mortar outlets catches consumer’s eyes and engages them. From screening product ads to flaunting customer’s reviews about the product, there is so much so businesses can do with in-store digital signage. 

· Outdoor Advertising

Public places such as malls, crowded streets, etc. are the perfect choices for putting up social media digital screens to turn heads. Large scale ad displays speak volumes about brand popularity and its presence in the market. 

A bit pricey but nothing captivates people better than Out of home advertising screens displaying social media content about the brand. Businesses can use it to also announce upcoming products and create a pre-event buzz in the market.

· Promote Services

Hospitality and the Food industry are the fore-runners in making fortune by using customer experience in their promotional activities. By putting up digital signage displaying user-generated content near the reservation area, hotels and restaurants can highlight the quality of their services and products. 

Social Media Digital Signages could be used to show-off happy customers which will encourage other users to later post their dining or staying experience over social media. 

· Create Event Buzz

Corporate events and exhibitions generally focus more on the awareness part rather than the engagement part which can become a bit boring for the audience. Social Media Digital Signages adds the oomph to otherwise plain events. 

Interactive displays level up the excitement of the audience and they could not hold themselves back from looking at the screens. What is displayed on the screen depends totally on the organizers. 

However, screening vibrant and diverse social walls is the best way to keep the momentum going. You can also announce on-spot contests which further promotes audience participation. 


There is so much potential when it comes to leveraging Social media digital signage in marketing strategies that not many businesses know of! It promises a great future and fortune for a brand as it mostly banks on one major facet that businesses miss out- customer engagement! 

Social Media Signages, when used creatively, is a great tool to build the brand-customer relationship, design successful campaigns and create a niche in the market. And yes, also to boost business revenue! 

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