Top 10 iOS App Development Companies in California

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Currently, the mobile application is mandatory to attain amazing heights in business and it’s necessary to select the right mobile app growth businesses in California that really help to achieve our business objectives.

Application development’s services and solutions have Created a huge transformation in receiving the connection with the clients and at the manner where the business functions.

Together with the rising demand for native mobile software , There are currently more than application development companies most competing for help with their application project that is mobile.

The Significant top App Development Company in California may have Skills to develop your business software that drive results and boost the yield on investment. For this reason, it is important to hire mobile app developers in California which allow your company to improve your earnings and increase productivity.

Here is the list of Top 10 iOS App Development Companies in California

1. RightPoint

RightPoint Is a development service. They are headquartered in Chicago and also have additional offices in both Atlanta and Royal Oak, Mich.. RightPoint includes CRM consulting, web development, and more than 450 employees that offer services for digital plan and SI.

RightPoint developed a Reporting platform to assist a client scale surgeries that are retail and stay competitive in the marketplace. They created a BI and analytics strategy that comprised over 100 KPIs. The team assembled a reactive solution that allowed that allowed to view and analyze profit margins, volumes, and sales. 

2. Artoon solutions

Artoon solutions serve a broad spectrum of customer needs like building consumer focused mobile applications and game changing B2B applications. They build simple websites with superior web experience. Their projects include On Demand app, online mobile Game, Fantasy mobile apps, and much more.


STRV Is a app design & engineering group of 200+ experts working out of Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Prague. Founded in 2004, the company offers UX/UI, web and app development, web site design and app testing via team enhancement appointments and product delivery. Delivering 70+ apps they work with clients from businesses including instruction, e commerce and financial services.

4. CitrusBits

CitrusBits Is a mobile app development company located in Los Angeles, CA and based in 2005. The group of almost 60 employees is passionate about creating mobile technology and articles for all companies.

CitrusBits made an electronic Vision board app for a corporation. The design elements were provided by the business, and also CitrusBits dedicated to the technical factor. Your customer said CitrusBits was proactive. The app has received amazing reviews and involvement is slowly rising.

5. Rootstrap

Founded Rootstrap can be a technology and development company with headquarters include Los Angeles and Montevideo, Uruguay with additional offices in Buenos Aires and New York. Their services consist of web development & app, staff augmentation, and UX/UI design.

Rootstrap provided company strategy consulting and applications Development services in the US for a music startup. The client desired to build a platform to connect musicians. The team of rootstrap summarized an MVP process and monetizing strategy. Since the prototype has been introduced, your client has received appreciable funds from outside sources, in addition to feedback from professional artists.

6. Sidebench

California-based Bureau Sidebench offers design, strategy, and development services. 30 + employees’ team works with businesses of all sizes — from businesses to startups.

Sidebench Re-worked a Crowd sourcing app for a corporation. With layouts, resizing and development, a upgraded app was delivered by Sidebench.

7. Dogtown Media

Placed at Venice Beach, California, Dogtown Media specializes in mobile app development, AI, and UI/UX design for clients in medical care and financial services industries. With an office in San Francisco, the organization has a group of approximately 30 who’ve helped launch 100+ apps such as start ups and Fortune 500 businesses.


Since 2009,” has generated 300+ electronic services and products — out of mobile applications and web software to blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies for start ups, Fortune 500s, growing businesses, and non-profits around the world. Think about less your bureau however also as your technical partner. Headquartered in Philadelphia, with offices in Boston, Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and L a, Chop Dawg now has a team of over 40.

9. BiTE interactive

BiTE Interactive, founded in 2011, is a mobile app development company in Los Angeles that specializes client focus on field operations, productivity, financial, health, and applications. The team of 50 specialize in IoT advancement, product layout, and mobile app development.

BiTE Interactive Partnered with a tech organization to build the clinical research partner application to streamline costs and reduce overhead to be more efficient throughout your customer’s production procedure.

10. Wildebeest

Wildebeest Is a California-based agency that specializes in software development, app development, and web design. With less than 50 associates on team, the agency delivers custom software and web solutions.

Artoon solutions is one of the top mobile app development companies in California, USA.  That makes customized solutions. Hire iOS application Developers from us at pocket-accommodating costs and uplift your business ROI.

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