Revive Your Car: Tips for it’s First Clean After Winter

revive car

Since the winters are over and spring has arrived, it is time for all the car owners to do the important task of spring cleaning their vehicles. Reviving your car after the harsh winters will not only aid in the enhanced performance and exterior but it will also extend the lifespan of the car. If there is any major or minor issue with the car, it can also be brought to light by the post-winter cleaning. In this way, your cherished vehicle will be saved from the costly breakdowns and system failures which is a huge benefit.

The basics of the first post-winter cleaning 

1- Full car wash 

This is the first and foremost basic thing which should be included in the visit to a car-wash facility in the springtime. The full vehicle wash should be from top to bottom. The most important parts which deserve special attention are the undercarriage, wheels, tires and door jambs. The carwash not only cleans but it also improves the car polish

2- Interior cleaning 

The interior should be given the same efforts as the exterior especially if the interior is lacking in all-weather floor liners. Vacuuming the interior thoroughly is the best way to clean. Moreover, the mats and carpets should be taken out for deep cleaning as they most probably are full of mud, debris and salt deposited from the winter boots of passengers. Similarly, the cargo and trunk space should be cleaned by the vacuum as well because winter equipment like wet skis may have been stored in it. 

3- Check the fluids of the car 

It is a common practice to check the fluids under the hood during changes of season. Check the oil first. If the oil has a dark color with thick consistency or it has sand-like composition, you should change your oil immediately. Next, you should check the coolant level. The coolant should be having a bright and clear color. But if it is rusty brown by the appearance, then you should get the coolant serviced. The next things you should check are auto transmission, brake and power fluids. Check to see if these fluids are equipped. And if something seems off, take your car to the service. 

4- Tend to the tires 

Tires lose the air inside them as time passes so it is important to check their state every now and then. Regulating the pressure to get properly inflated tires and having your tires matched with the specs written in the manual has more than one advantage. The condition of tires is directly proportional to the condition of brakes and handles. Which means that properly inflated tires ensure the optimal performance of these essential components thus increasing the safety of the passengers. Apart from this, inflated tires improve the fuel economy of the car by decreasing the fuel consumption. 

5- Adjust the climate settings 

Since the scorching summer heat is soon approaching, make sure that your car’s air conditioning system is topped-up to keep you cool. If you do not know how to carry out this task efficiently, then simply visit the service center to regulate everything. The professionals at the service center will repair messed up components if there are any and will also recharge the air conditioning system if it is necessary. This will be of great help for you to drive in peace throughout the year. 

6- Check the lights 

The car’s lighting system is very critical which needs attention. The headlamps and fog-lights enable the driver to see the roads at night in pitch black darkness and in the fog respectively. So without a doubt, these lights are very important and should function properly to drive in all conditions. Just like the fluids and the air conditioning system, the lighting system also requires periodic checks and maintenance. 

Especially the older cars need better care because they suffer from “automotive cataracts”. It is a condition in which the functionality is reduced due to the headlights which become rough and dull. In order to solve these issues or for even improving the lighting system, a lot of manufacturing companies sell kits which polish the lamp assemblies to their original shine. These kits are affordable and easy to use too. 

7- Improve the visibility 

Visibility is perhaps one of the most crucial things to have in order to drive. It is also directly linked to safety because if you can not see where you are going, you will most likely have accidents and end up falling in a ditch somewhere. Therefore, properly clean your windows both from inside and outside. 

Moreover, you should also check to see if the wiper blades are in good condition because the harsh winters along with the UV rays can harm the soft rubber on these blades. You should replace the wiper blades for better visibility. So this is how you can revive your car from the slumber of winter. Make sure to follow the steps of this guide for maximum car care.

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