Garage Door Maintenance Procedure: All You Need To Know

garage door maintenance

Garage door issues can occur at any time. Mechanical failure is caused by wearing of the parts and poor maintenance. This can result in improper mechanism and can need complete maintenance too.

However, if you’re aware of the following tips for garage door maintenance, then your garage door will remain in good shape: 

1.Clearing the Tracks

You need to make sure that the tracks on both sides of the door are cleaned and free from any debris. This makes it easier for the door to close and open properly. If you can, use a leveler to make sure that the tracks are plumb or vertically aligned. 

However, it is recommended that only make slight adjustments to the tracks and call a professional for major adjustments.

2. Tightening the Hardware

The vibration of the door that comes from moving up and down can loosen the track wire and the hardware. Garage door installation Stockton CA often recommends tightening the hardware of the door so that it can work properly.

Most of the repairs mostly arise due to loosening bolts that hinder the working of the door. If one is familiar with how the door works, they can easily tighten the hardware by themselves.

Roller Inspection

Rollers of the garage doors should also be inspected. These allow the spinning of the door. If they are chipped, cracked or worn out in any manner then it’s recommended that you get them replaced. 

If the rollers wear out more, they will hinder the rolling of the track wires and will result in malfunctioning of the door. Hence, ensure to inspect the rollers.

4. Inspecting Cables

Cables and pulleys are attached at the bottom of the roller brackets. They are responsible for connecting the springs and help the safe lifting of the door. Garage doors have extension and torsion springs. While extension springs run alongside horizontally with the door, torsion springs are mounted to a metal rod above.

Although it is not recommended by professionals that people with no knowledge should touch the cables, but they can still check them out. After the inspection, they can call garage door repairmen for the repairs.

5. Lubricating

Last but not the least is the maintenance tip that will take out garage door replacement from your home remodeling ideas list. Lubricating the rollers, cables, and other components of the garage door can help improve their movement.

Use high quality lubricant spray or lithium grease that can be sprayed over the components. Make sure to spray a slight amount and wipe out excess. If the rollers seem stuck, use the spray with a nozzle that can penetrate them. You can also wipe the oil on components that seem rusty so that their functionality can be improved.


Keeping these factors in mind can give you a well-functioning garage door in no time. All these are maintenance tips; that is why if you see any broken component, make sure to call a professional to get it fixed in no time.

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