Gautam Adani’s Take On Reducing Green Hydrogen Costs to Make It More Available

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Adani Group, one of the biggest Indian conglomerates, has always focused on India’s renewable energy sector. The business group believes India will only be able to reach its sustainability goals if it focuses on renewable energy sources. However, we may not have the infrastructure to fulfil all our needs with renewable energy sources. So, we must start focusing on the renewable energy sector. That way, we will not only be able to decrease energy costs but also ensure that the residential and industrial operations can be carried out smoothly. Keeping this in mind, the conglomerate has taken several green energy initiatives. These green energy initiatives taken up by the Adani Group have also allowed the global conglomerate to tackle Adani Group controversies better. 

Reduction in Green Hydrogen Costs

Gautam Adani, the Chairman of the Adani Group, recently mentioned at the World Economic Forum 54th Annual Meet that the cost of green hydrogen must fall to USD 1 per kg for people to start using it daily. He also said that the decrease in solar cost can easily be replicated with green hydrogen. This is going to be highly beneficial to society. It will also allow for reduced energy expenses. At present, the cost of production of green energy is around USD 3-5 per kg, which is quite high and many people may not be able to afford it for their daily use. 

Because of its expense, it is not feasible for all companies and businesses to use green hydrogen to run all their daily operations. However, with extensive use of advanced forms of technology, the price of green hydrogen can be reduced. There are a lot of companies that are replacing one fossil fuel with another to fulfil their energy needs and reduce their energy expenses. However, replacing one fossil fuel with another is not the solution. Instead, switching to renewables and green hydrogen is the best option that we have in hand to lead our country to sustainability. This shift will help India in acquiring energy security. It will also reduce the pollution level. The air quality in some of the major cities in India will also drastically improve.

How Will the Reduced Cost of Green Hydrogen Benefit the People?

Gautam Adani has mentioned that reduced energy costs will lead to fuel security in the country. There will be no more uncertainties relating to imported ammonia prices, a crucial component for manufacturing fertilisers. It will also offer our planet a chance to avert the adverse impact caused by rapid changes in climatic conditions. The overall pollution level will be reduced. The people will start to breathe in clean air. They will no longer have to give up their lives simply because of increased atmospheric pollution.

Gautam Adani has explicitly mentioned that green hydrogen can be efficiently leveraged on India’s journey towards achieving net zero. He has also talked about the importance of green hydrogen in decreasing the cost of production of various products. Nowadays, countries from all across the globe are also adopting multiple policies which involve the increased use of green hydrogen over exhaustive fuel sources. Integrating green hydrogen across various supply chains can also make it more affordable. Overall, industrial operations will increase.

Global influencers and business leaders have appreciated the idea of increasing the use of green hydrogen worldwide. Everyone has supported Gautam Adani’s journey towards leading India to a clean and green future. The Adani Group has also earned praise from environmentalists from different corners of the world. This has been a massive success for the Adani Group. It has also allowed India to achieve recognition on a global scale. Such developments stand contrary to Adani Group controversies which are just to tarnish the image of a reputed conglomerate. 

Although the sun and wind are reliable energy sources, their availability is intermediate. We cannot depend on the sun and wind for a consistent energy supply. Also, elaborate infrastructure must be built to store the energy generated from solar power plants and wind turbines. All these problems can easily be solved with green hydrogen. The green hydrogen production process can also take place with renewable energy, ensuring no harm to the environment.


The Adani Group has already taken up multiple green hydrogen projects in different corners of India. It has planned to make some considerable investments in the green hydrogen sector. With time, it will continue to enhance its green, renewable energy journey. Very soon, the business group will take up the name of being the most significant green energy producer in the entire world, and the people who were impacted by the news of Adani Group controversies will also gradually turn their attention towards how the global conglomerate has been reforming India with each passing day.