All about to know for Gokyo Lakes Trek 

gokyo lakes trek 

Nepal Is beautiful. There is no comparison to the stunning beauty of the world’s tallest mountain. And trekking on Everest premises is loved by the entire world. Nepal is among the top choices for travelers and backpackers around the world. And every inch of this country is worth the hype. You might be unsure about traveling to Nepal until you have actually been in the mountains once. But after you travel to Nepal once, you will likely travel to this country very often. The only thing better than the Everest base camp trek is the magical Gokyo Lake Trek. This article explains to you why you must go for the Gokyo Lake trek in Nepal.

gokyo lakes trek  is the stunning blue water glacier lake that has been formed from the Everest range. The water comes from the ice that melts Everest and orders 8000 meter peaks in this area, so it’s obviously very beautiful. 

Gokyo Village is also the highest-altitude Village in the world, and its culture is fascinating to observe. 

There is not just one but almost a dozen glacier lakes in this area. Five of these glacier lakes are very big and beautiful. Also, you can hike to Gokyo-Ri, where you can get the best view of Everest and Mukalu and order 8000 m+ peaks. Some travelers claim that the views of Everest from Lukla are, in fact, even better than the views from the Everest base camp itself. 

And if you have always been an admirer of Everest, then you can easily include Everest base camp in the route. It will only extend your trip by 4 to 5 days, and you can have the best time of your life. 

How long is the Gokyo Trek?

 Gokyo Trek is a journey of about ten days. From Namche, you can avoid the crowded Everest base camp trek and enjoy the solitude of nature while being in the presence of Gokyo Lake. If not, you can first complete the classic Everest base camp trek and then cross a high pass of 5000 m to get to the Gokyo area. Including both Everest and Gokyo Lakes will be around 14 to 15 days of the journey for someone who is traveling slowly. For experienced travelers, this journey will be around 12 days or less. 

How hard is the Gokyo Valley trek? 

Since the landscape is a bit difficult, you get to the higher altitude very quickly. So, this might be called a difficult journey in the Himalayas. However, that doesn’t mean you will need any special mountain climbing skills or training for the gokyo lakes trek . And even with a moderate level of fitness and good training a few months before the trip, you can easily go up to Gokyo. 

The weeks of altitude sickness during the trip is high if you do not acclimatize or waste a day in Namche or Thame.

How much does the Gokyo Lake trek cost?

The cost of Gokyo Lake is around $1200. First of all, do note that the flights to and from Lukla are a bit expensive, which is around $100 for the round trip. And since the flights nowadays operate from Ramechaap instead of Kathmandu, you might have to take a private or public vehicle to Lukla. Public vehicles to Ramechaap will only cost about eight dollars. However, private vehicles can cost $100 for the drive alone. Also, you will need to pay for room, food, Wi-Fi, shower and many more. If you complete the gokyo lake trek for around ten days, then you might be able to complete it for around $1000. If not, if you include Everest base camp in your trip, then it will cost around $1400. In the mountains, you will spend around $60-$70 each day because you pay for a guide and porters as well. Another interesting trip in this area is the Pikey Peak trek.