The Must-Know Protective Road Driving Techniques That Every Driver Should Learn About

road driving techniques

There’s no doubt that everyone who owns a vehicle wants to be a better driver. But, it should be known that without learning the essential tips and tricks regarding driving techniques, there’s no way you’ll be able to evade the collisions which are caused by mistakes of the other drivers. 

Therefore, it’s necessary to learn some of the must-know protective driving techniques with the help of an intensive driving course in Birmingham services. This will not only help you in the earlier days of your driving career but also during your later days – since you can easily rely on your instincts to avoid road accidents and mishaps. 

The Protective Driving Techniques That You Should Know About

1. The Act Of Scanning Your Surroundings

As a responsible driver, you should be scanning your streets and surroundings as much as you can, as often as you can, while driving. It should be noted that when you’ll be performing your task of scanning, it should be at least 12 – 15 seconds interval in an urban environment and about 25 seconds in a rural environment. 

Always keep yourself alert while using the mirrors and check for any blind spots constantly. Furthermore, you should not forget to give attention to your speedometer and the other meters inside the vehicle console.

2. The Act Of Being Visible

If the vehicle that you’re driving is not equipped with a daytime running light, then you should make a habit of keeping your low beam turned on. This will make your vehicle visible to other drivers on the road and there will be fewer chances of any mishaps to happen. 

When you’ll be parking the vehicle, ensure that you turn the lights off as it will be draining your car battery over time. Moreover, do remember to keep your vehicle lights clean and free from all kinds of dirt and dust. 

3. The Act Of Defying Potential Hazards

You should always be alert of potential dangers such as children who are playing near the streets or car drivers who don’t stop at red lights. Always be prepared to take evasive actions when such an incident occurs. 

Always expect the unexpected and thereby plan your escape at the right time. Ensure that your defensive movement shouldn’t cause any equally dangerous situation as well. 

4. The Act Of Maintaining Protective Space

Try to leave enough space around your vehicle when you’ll be driving down the road. If some other vehicle is following you on your car’s heels, ensure that you encourage the vehicle to pass. If you cannot provide the passage, then it’s a better idea to offer a space of protection between your car and the vehicle that is behind or beside you. 

When you stop behind any vehicle in traffic, ensure you leave enough space that you can change lanes easily if required, without using the reverse gear. 

5. The Act Of Anticipation

You need to know and also understand the route that you’re trying to drive through using your vehicle. Ensure that you’re always driving on the proper lane, so that you minimise any accident. Try not to make dangerous and quick lane changes. For instance, if you pass the turn or exit, it’s always a better idea to continue for the next intersection or exit than making a u-turn out of nowhere. 

Furthermore, it’s suggested that you use various directional lights to let other drivers know in advance regarding your lane changes and what you’re planning to do. It’s always a better idea to take precautions than later repenting your decision. Needless to say – try to drive sensibly and responsibly on the road. 

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