5 Essential Tips that will Improve your Home’s Lighting

Home Lighting

Let’s face it, no one wants to live in a dingy home with only a dim incandescent light illuminating the space, casting scary shadows on dark walls. We want to live in spacious, well-lit, and inviting homes. No matter the amount of furniture you bring in to make your home comfortable, with the wrong lighting, they will fail to reach their full potential of bringing comfort and relaxation for you and your family. They need a partner, a lighting partner. It is for this reason that so many people spend so much money on their lighting system; lights play an important role in transforming a house into a home.

Why Is It So Important?

We install our home lighting system primarily for its function; come night time, we need to be able to see. Lighting should serve a purpose or you might as well save on electricity by nixing it all together. That beautiful chandelier on your entryway isn’t only for the “oohs” and “ahhs” by your guests. It is used to light up a big space with one single lighting fixture. The lights on your foyer and patio are not only to illuminate your yard but for you to be able to see what’s going on outside and deter any trespassers. With all these in mind, the lights installed in our home should prioritize function over aesthetics.

Improving Your Home Lighting

Now on to the good stuff. As homeowners and apartment dwellers, we can either stick with the basic lighting we are dealt with or we can take it an extra step further and improve it. Here are a few ways how.

1. Go big and be bold

If you really want to wow your guests and even yourself, go with a light fixture that’s eye-catching and directs the attention upwards. There are many dramatic lighting fixtures that are available anywhere, some cheap and some expensive. But the important thing is that it goes well with the central theme of the room. This does not mean you’ll have to remove all other lighting fixture in the room in lieu of the drama-filled you have installed overhead. A room with only one source of light can become boring and bland eventually, losing its appeal and charm.

2. Scones aren’t just for eating

Bathrooms and powder rooms can be a bit tricky to illuminate because of the small space. Overhead light can become overkill in such a small space while a lamp or recessed lighting seems inadequate for helping you spruce up in front of the mirror. Many experts suggest going with scones lighting for such spaces at home. Scone lighting can even be the perfect way to balance the harshness of an overhead light, and it saves you money. Scones can be turned on for simple toilet use and hand washing. If you need more light, for retouching makeup or getting ready, switch on the more luminous overhead light.

3. The shade of it all

We see lamps in any type of home, from traditional to contemporary and we think they are merely accent pieces or a great way to fill an empty corner spot. But lampshades are actually quite functional in the overall lighting plan of the house. The right lamp shade can either provide more light into a room or accentuate spots or furniture. It is important, therefore, to know what your lighting goal is in order to select the right lampshade. If you want a brighter room, forgo the traditional lamp shades, choosing instead with mesh or glass materials.

4. Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you want to flood a space with light without having to buy another expensive light fixture, how about a mirror? We know mirrors reflect light so why not put it to good use. A mirror opposite a window is a great way to flood the room with natural light. It can also be used on large, dark walls to reflect light around the room. A well-placed mirror can help create the illusions of space and create the illusion that there are more windows.

5. Keep things under control

More control on your home lighting is always a good idea. You can add more light fixture on top of the already existing ones, bring in table lamps and floor lamps. Or you can go ahead and simplify things and just add a dimmer. Dimmers are nifty little gadgets because they serve two purposes. One, they allow you to save a little on energy cost by dimming the lights in a room. This has an added bonus of extending the life of your fixtures. And two, a dimmer allows you to have more control over the lighting. Turn it up for small gatherings with friends and family. Turn it down for movie nights.

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