How To Overcome Failure?

In the world, there is no single man who hasn’t faced the failure situation. . In fact, you find the person who failed in their life are today’s successful people.

This world is not for cowards. Do not try to fly. Look not for success or overcome failure. Join yourself to the perfectly unselfish will and work on.

Swami Vivekananda

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

Michael Jordan

Someone has said that ‘’Life is made up of ups and downs.’’  Ups and downs are related to success and failure respectively.  In past, the problem of failure was not so critical and serious. But nowadays it is common.

Today we live in the technology era, everything is available at just one click. That means we have all comforts and luxuries. So there should not be like overcome failure situation.  The reason for failure is to stress up to some extent. Also, there may be certain psychological reasons like depression, life events, etc.

Stress is due to certain hormones in our human body. Adrenaline accelerates your heart rate, increases your blood pressure and energy supplies. 

So there are no surprising things for humans. We can say failure is like a downfall or setback. Failure doesn’t mean you lost everything but it gives a lesson so that we won’t repeat those mistakes again.

I think failure gives one chance to go step ahead. In fact, there is no man in the world who hasn’t suffered from this phase. But that doesn’t mean that you will always fail in life. Keep trying and hunt your goals.

Getting failure in achieving goals doesn’t mean that you are a loser. But it means that please lose in your life and then proceed for success. Show me a single person in the world who hasn’t faced a bad phase in his life. In fact, their performance has boosted to a very large extent and failure has given a chance to them to do hard work.

Failure overcome makes the man tough. Go through the story of any successful people, what you will find that they failed many times but then got succeed. There are many ways to reduce stress. You can contact to psychologist gold coast and take their help to overcome failure stress.

Firstly take a pledge that whatever happens, I will try until the task is completed or my goal is reached. Concentrate on your breathing rate i.e. It must be not too low or high. It must be balanced. 

Just think what you feel. Try to inspire or motivate yourself through internal or external sources. Internal sources include meditation and an eternal soul. You can go through religious methods. You will feel better and relaxed and will experience peace. 

External sources include reading great people’s success stories. Analyzing their thinking of what they did in their failure time. You can use YouTube or any social media platform to know the failure overcome failure stories of successful people.

I think the best way to deal with this situation is to speak with yourself. You will get the best person in you. You will be surprised and thrilled by taking your self-decision. Never doubt yourself. Never regret your mistakes. And mainly don’t think about the if-then condition. Don’t compare yourself with other’s performance because you are a unique person in the world.

Comparing yourself with others is the greatest insult to your personality. Analyze your mistakes. Talk to your family, close friends. Don’t avoid society. And the most important thing, don’t think about what other people think of you.

Generally, society has nothing to do with your personal problem. They just want a topic to fun, discuss, and gossiping nonsense things and passing their time.  

If still you think that you are not feeling better then consult a psychologist gold coast. And yes, don’t discuss your treatment with people or you will become a laughing stock of society. Our society is not ready to accept stress as a mental, psychological disease.

Gold coast psychologist is a team of expert professionals in the medical field. They have studied in their syllabus about human behavior and stress symptoms and so on. If you have some stress or other problems then contact them, don’t be shy people. Just tell them how do you feel and they will give you guidance according to it.

They will tell the reasons behind your anxiety. A psychologist gold cost will first listen to your problems very carefully. And they will create a relaxing situation. They will prescribe some stress-reducing medicine and hormone boosting medicine.  Follow their instruction and take medicines regularly. Also, follow the exercise given by them.

Taking medicines regularly will reduce your negative thoughts. And after some days you will feel very relaxed. This is a psychological way to reduce stress. If you can’t afford it then doing meditation can do the wonder.

There are also meditation methods. You should follow early bed and early rise lifestyle in which you have to just become silent when you wake up early in the morning. After that, you have to do yoga and some light exercises like walking and running for a mile. Running will reduce both stress and strain.

After running, you will feel fresh. After running think day’s task. And what are the hurdles behind that task? Tell your mind that I can do it. There is a phenomenon in-universe like attracting energy systems. 

That means if you are thinking negatively, it will attract our negative thoughts and negative things will happen to you. Same scenario in case of positive thought. So always think positive.

Set your goal and try to chase it. Life without goal is directionless. Remove the word impossible in your dictionary. Actually impossible itself says that I am possible.

There should be a backup plan for the future. If your decided plan fails then there should be an option before you tackle the situation. You can discuss your goals with your parents. It will give you emotional strength.

Give program to your mind that you are not the first one who has failure conditions. Constantly talk with yourself and repeat “I can do it”. If failure overcome failure then analyze the reasons behind failure and just think about how to convert your failure into success.

One day you will be successful and when you will become successful you cherish your failure.

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