Important Occasions To Send Corporate Gifts For Employees

corporate gifts for employees

Corporate gifting is quite a prevalent practice across big and small businesses. It involves creating a touchpoint with employees, clients, and customers by using gifts. The gifts can either be physical items, personalized gift hampers, gourmet foods, or even gift cards and vouchers.

The type of corporate gift is typically decided based on the recipient, but gifts also vary depending on the occasion.

Here’s listing some key occasions that make perfect sense to dole out presents to your employees and clients.

Benefits Of Corporate Gifting

In addition to showering your appreciation for them, businesses also use branded gifts as an effective market strategy to spread awareness.

Here’s looking at the myriad of benefits corporate gifting presents to organizations:

1. Provides motivation for employees

Efficient employees are often self-motivated. But often times, they are also under high stress. This does not necessarily mean that the employer is pressuring them, but they are overachievers trying to outperform themselves.

Corporate gifting is an effective way for employees to feel motivated and let them know their superiors take notice of their hard work. This will also further motivate them to do better and contribute to the best of their potential.

2. Creates brand awareness

Corporate gifting, when done right, can act as a great way to create brand awareness among clients and customers. Corporate gifts, especially in the form of gifts with custom logos and brand names, will create a sense of brand awareness among the customer base.

Corporate gifts to clients also let them fester a sense of brand recognition and loyalty that is otherwise not received easily.

3. Boosts employee engagement

A gift is a positive gesture. A positive gesture always elicits a positive response. Corporate gifting invokes a response of appreciation and satisfaction in employees.

Employees who are optimally engaged are essential to the smooth working of an organization. Corporate gifting is one sure shot way to add positive reinforcement, a great work environment, and optimal engagement for employees.

4. Works as a marketing strategy for startups

A corporate gift is a great way of bringing branding strategies to fruition. More and more businesses are now opting for brand embossed gifts to give their employees and clients who help your business thrive.

Corporate gifts carrying brand logos or names are a very effective way to promote your brand identity. Even if the recipient is not a target consumer for your brand, there will definitely be a brand awareness that is created due to the corporate gifting strategy.

Occasions to give corporate gifts

1. Work anniversary

Long-term employees are an asset to any enterprise. The loyalty a long-term employee offers a company is unmatched. What better way to appreciate your employees than to commemorate their work anniversary.

The very thought that their employer cared enough to remember their work anniversary will reflect positively on their work. The loyalty of an employee cannot be bought, but you, as an employer, can make sure it gets due acknowledgment.

You can choose various gift options based on which anniversary the employee is celebrating. For younger employees, tech-savvy gifts might be appropriate. While for older employees, you can consider gift hampers and wellness gifts.

2. New Year

New Year often marks new beginnings and fresh starts. It is always a good idea to shower your employees with some love and to provide them with thoughtful corporate gifts.

According to your budget, you can consider various gift ideas for employees and clients. Gift hampers, customized clothing or accessories, and even gourmet gift baskets will be perfect for the new year.

3. Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy and cheers for all. Gifts are also a given in this holiday season. Show your employees some love with gifts to suit the Christmas cheer.

Gourmet gift baskets, custom Christmas cakes, chocolates, and even wine make great Christmas gifts. Make sure to take your budget and number of employees into consideration while choosing a gift. 

Since Christmas is a religious holiday, take care not to hurt religious sentiments while you are picking out gifts for this occasion.

4. New employee joining

A smooth onboarding process is crucial for how a new employee will fare at the company. Joining a new company is a stressful time for any new employee. It’s usually a time when uncertainty and doubt take the front seat.

A welcoming gift for new joinee employees is a great way to ensure the transition is smooth. Your new employee will definitely feel the camaraderie and acceptance with your onboarding gift. You can either customize your new employee joining kit or choose from our premade range of gift hampers.

You might also consider decorating their cubicle or work desk to make them welcome from the get-go. Add a touch of green to their desk; potted plants and flowers are bound to do the trick.  

5. Employee retirement

A long-term employee retiring is a bittersweet moment for them. Let your valued employee know that their service is valuable to you and how you appreciate them. This will definitely boost their morale.

This practice will also put up a precedent for other employees as well. That their service will be valued by you as an employer. Gift hampers or gourmet gifts to let them enjoy retirement life would be perfect gifts for a retiring employee.

6. Women’s day

Show your appreciation to the women in your office by gifting them something thoughtful on women’s day. This will show your drive for inclusivity and progressive thinking. 

Make your women employees feel valued and show your respect for all they do. Wellness and self-care hampers, premium chocolates, fragrances, candles, and more. There is a wide array to choose from when it comes to women’s day gifts.

If you are feeling indecisive, you can always opt for gift cards from their favorite brands like Myntra, Flipkart, etc.

7. Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the most popular festivals in India and a great way to celebrate your employee success and achievements.

There are various promotional diwali gifts that you can choose from. You can give something practical like a diary or calendar, or something more personalized like a mug or key ring with their name on it.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that your employees will appreciate and use.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has given you an insight into the various occasions one can implement the practice of corporate gift. 

Corporate gifting is not only an effective business strategy; it is also a practice that will increase the reverence your employees have for you. If done effectively, it can be used to boost productivity, increase sales, retain clients, and more.