Take A Look At The Pros And Cons Of Anti-Reflective Coating Glasses

anti reflective glasses

Nowadays many people are dealing with poor eyesight due to which spectacles and lenses are getting more important day by day. However, only using a glass of the prescribed power is not enough. Despite that, certain things can still affect eyesight. For example, the light that passes through our lens directly to our eyes. Hence, anti-reflective coating glasses are being used. 

Where to get the perfect glass, appropriate for your eye?

Normal glasses are just not enough for protecting the eyes hence it is necessary to get the right glasses for example, anti-glare glasses are specially designed to improve eyesight as well as to get protection from excessive light. You can best of these from Banton frameworks, who are highly skilled in preparing the best frameworks with the best quality acetate from the best suppliers.

Advantages of the anti-reflective coating glasses

These glasses are well designed and highly advanced as compared to the normal ones. Let’s have a look over its advantages:

  • Its advanced AR coating will not let reflect the light falling over your glasses, which won’t affect the visibility of your eye like the other glasses. Hence also helps to make effective eye contact during conversation. 
  • It is highly precise and will offer better and sharp quality vision.
  • They are more durable compared to normal glasses.
  • They are resistant to scratches, dust, dirt, etc.
  • It provides more comfort to the eye by reducing the eye strain and fatigue of the eye, making it even more suitable for the person who has to work and study more.
  • As it doesn’t reflect the light it makes it even safer to work in front of the computer even for hours. Also, you can watch television without getting worried about your eyesight. 
  • It also helps with night vision.

Disadvantages of the anti-reflective glasses

Even though they are advanced and specially designed, they still have drawbacks over certain factors. Here are their drawbacks:

  • Due to its clear appearance, it will look dirtier case even if it has not been cleaned for a bit. 
  • you have to clean the glasses more frequently as compared to the other normal glasses. 
  • These are generally not suitable for reading glasses. If you do use it you have to pay attention to the amount of light you are getting while reading. 

About different types of the AR coating

The Basics:

it is the simplest form of the AR coating that simply avoids reflection of the light that falls over the surface making the vision way clear. It is very helpful while driving at night time.


AR coating combined with the hydrophobic features make it the best choice for people who constantly deal with rain and humidity as it doesn’t allow the water droplets to stay.


this feature makes the glass oil and grease resistant making it easier for people who constantly work with the kitchen and machines. 


These AR coating glasses provides huge advantages over the normal one. However, think carefully before making any decision and consult with your eye specialist.