How to use Multiplication Worksheets to teach multiplication?

multiplication worksheets

So you have done everything possible to simplify multiplication for your students but have yet to get the desired results. Well! They should use multiplication worksheets and math worksheet generators to practice everything they’ve learned. Indeed, worksheets aren’t the only way to understand multiplication. However, they’re an effective and easy way to practice class material and encourage students to work independently. Moreover, while students are busy with their worksheets, they will have enough time to catch up on other important tasks. 

The only problem is creating such worksheets because it can be time-consuming. You can take help from a good math worksheet generator and download such multiplication worksheets for your students.

Students can use multiplication worksheets in multiple ways and keep them engaged.

1. Think-pair-share

 It’s a learning strategy to help students understand multiplication concepts and encourage collaboration with their peer group. Multiplication worksheets are also ideal for conducting formative assessments. Usually, children first think about a concept individually and then pair up to discuss their ideas and finally share it with the class.

It’s how to use think-pair-share with your worksheets:

  • Think — Each student should get a multiplication worksheet and work individually to solve the problems.
  • Pair — Divide your class into pairs and let them compare answers, sort out differences and discuss trouble spots.
  • Share — Ask questions from the entire class and encourage each pair to offer at least one answer. You can also allow discussions about tricky questions or methods for solving each equation.

2. Learning stations

Learning stations are a common learning technique using technology, worksheets and hands-on activities. It allows students to interact with various instructional models and learning environments. Besides, you can also manage more learning in your busy schedule. It usually takes many forms. Therefore, make multiplication worksheets a math stop in your next learning station rotation.

For instance, if you are planning to target multiplication in your next rotation, include the following:

  • Small group instruction
  • Multiplication worksheets
  • Digital learning tools in Math
  • Flashcards for multiplication fact fluency
  • Multiplication games 
  • Multiplication crafts

3. Competitive Event

You can also use worksheets in an event to encourage friendly competition in your classroom. Divide your class into pairs or teams and let them compete against each other to answer the questions on their worksheets first. You can further make it interesting by choosing the size of each team, time limits, how teams will indicate they have completed the worksheet, and rewards for the winners.

4. Scavenger hunt

You can convert the worksheet into a treasure map by making a multiplication scavenger hunt. Provide students with a checklist of chosen numbers or elements to search for in their worksheets. While solving the worksheet, they can also check off the items on their list until the worksheet and the scavenger hunt are complete.

For instance, make students find a product with the following:

  • 3 even numbers and 2 odd numbers
  • Only one odd number
  • 8 in the hundreds place
  • The sum of 5 and 9

Ideally, you should include different elements in your scavenger hunt and, beyond it, use only numbers. You can offer rewards such as bonus marks or prizes for students who complete their scavenger hunts.

5. Mystery number

It’s also similar to a scavenger hunt, but students should only look for a mystery number instead of a list. Students should be given a mystery number to locate in their multiplication worksheets and write the equation that produced it. You can also convert this task into a competitive event, where teams will fight each other to write the equation with the mystery number on the board first. You can also give clues for guessing the mystery number to make it more challenging.

How to use a good math worksheet tool to teach multiplication?

Most good tools are engaging game-based learning platforms that specifically target curriculum-aligned math skills including multiplication for students from class I to VIII around the world.

Students can learn tricks of multiplication through several ways.

You can use it as:

  • Like an online multiplication game
  • A station for math learning
  • Small group instruction
  • Homework assignments
  • A tailor made learning tool with adaptive feedback
  • Entry or exit tickets
  • A classroom reward that also involves learning

Final thoughts 

A multiplication worksheet is just one of the few tools for motivating your students to practice multiplication and other important concepts. Moreover, they are also ideal for conducting formative assessments or assigning homework. Hence, take printouts of such multiplication worksheets to conduct a dynamic and engaging math class and give your students some much-needed multiplication practice. You can also easily create printable math practice worksheets with an easy-to-use math worksheet generator tool. Use these incredible mediums to boost math skills with drills, puzzles, problems, and more.

Lastly, there is a bonus tip for teachers. Tell your students and their parents to use Multiplication worksheets because it helps children to advance their multiplication skills, all while having fun! Moreover, it also makes your job easier by using a tool like a math worksheet generator which helps you create a fast and easy math worksheet.