Top 9 Facts Stating Why Convert Desktop Application to Web Application

convert desktop applications to web applications

The requirement for web developers is expected to reach 23% nationwide between 2021 to 2023, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This ratio is much faster compared to all other national occupations. In contradiction to that, the global desktop market share experienced a pushback and shrank to 38.53% from 43.15% in the year 2021.

Here’s the question “Why?” comes in and nudges you towards thinking why you should convert desktop apps to web. These statistics show that web development is in high demand while the market size of the desktop app is shrinking frequently. Let’s learn the top reasons why you should turn your desktop app into a web app! 

Why Convert Desktop Application to Web Application? 

Now that you’re aware of the stats showing the popularity and growth of web app development while the shrinking condition of desktop applications, it’s time to dig deeper and explore why to turn desktop apps into web apps. So, let’s move further without further ado! 

Intuitive User Interface

The design patterns and user expectations were far different than that of today when desktop applications were developed. Now, the scenario has changed entirely where; the users are accustomed to making use of web and cloud-based software solutions that are extremely faster and more efficient in terms of performance. These systems back businesses accelerating operations while enhancing efficiency as well; hence, they are one of the reasons for the conversion of desktop apps to web apps. 

No Need for Software Installation

Gone are the days when people would manually install applications on each of the apparatus they used. Now there’s no need to install any application as long as you make use of a web browser. You can access an application using web browser irrespective of its location, freeing yourself from its installation on separate devices. 

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Another benefit of web applications is they have cross-platform compatibility. It allows you to be free from the need to create specific code for a separate operating system or a piece of hardware. It assists you not only in circumventing tons of incompatibility and repeated hassles but also enables you to grasp the next level of value from the hardware you have right now. 

Automatic Updates

Next up, the automated update is another reason why you should choose to convert desktop applications to web applications. When you have a web application, you’re free from any worry about updating your system– as they get updated automatically. The reason for automated updates is that the code changes take place on the web server, thereby not on your computer. Therefore, users don’t need to install an updated version as they always work with the current and updated version of the software.  

Accessibility Regardless of Time & Place

You might have been there, right? When you wanted to access and make changes in a specific document but you were far from your workplace. Had you a web app there, you would have successfully made the changes to the very document. A web application ensures you have complete access regardless of your device, location, and the like. 

Mitigated System Resources

Since all of the heavy lifting is done on an enterprise-class web server, database, or in a cloud-based system that includes several servers, web-based applications are more likely to be light on computer resources. This results in keeping you free to use the very hardware which you have already been using with no need to update it. It goes a long way when it comes to enhancing the 

ROI of your IT company’s infrastructure. Moreover, the web application lets you embrace all these benefits without sacrificing the productivity of your employees in any way. 

Competencies for Integration

Next up, another reason why you should convert your desktop application to a web application is its integration capabilities. A web application allows you to integrate your existing system into another third-party application with ease and convenience, which could not be possible with a desktop application. 

24/7 Access to Data

Limitless data access is one of the reasons why you should consider the conversion of a desktop application to a web application. Web application offers 24/7 access to the data. Furthermore, you can access the website through your mobile, too, which makes the procedure even more convenient. It keeps you free from any concern relating to any code creation to bring your application up-to-speed or keep it aligned with the latest smartphone releases each year.


Web applications tend to be ahead of desktop applications when it comes to scalability. When you have a web application, it scales as your business grows, leaving no space behind to miss out on any opportunity that comes with time. Besides, web apps are more likely to be equipped to support multiple users synchronously, and this is one of the most advantageous aspects of conversion of the desktop application to a web application. 

Signing Off…! 

That’s all there’s to it! As time passes by, your business needs change, and you need a system that aligns with your current business needs. For businesses using desktop applications, the time has come when they should turn their desktop app into a web app for an enhanced experience of business operations. 

However, there may be plenty of reasons for this very purpose; we suggested some of the crucial ones so that you can be aware and turn your desktop app into a web app. Hopefully, you’ve got your questions answered! So, find a custom software development company and get started toward your business transformation. 

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