How to Merge Facebook Pages?

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Facebook page merging is an important point, especially for big brands. Because merging facebook pages means merging the other previous pages with the followers and likes of these new pages. Facebook page merging can be done for two reasons, the first is that more than one page may have been opened with the same name. This is a situation that causes problems because it is usually done by mistake but forgotten over time. The other is the merging of the same brand pages opened with different names. In this article, you can find detailed information on how to combine Facebook pages.


  • Facebook page join problem
  • Fixing duplicate facebook Pages in case you don’t have a Facebook Page
  • Facebook page merge 2019 when you have another page
  • How many days does Facebook page merging take?
  • How is the process of separating Facebook merged pages?

Facebook page join problem

If you have a new business or if your business was founded some time ago, you may have an unfamiliar Facebook Business page. This is a page that was set up before you set up your official Facebook business page or possibly search your business under a typo. This situation can be frustrating because you have to figure out how to request to change the names of duplicate Facebook Business pages, delete them or even merge them. It is a known fact that duplicate Facebook Business pages are common. It is possible to check businesses on Facebook posts and find their results. Also, when you want to change the name of your business page, facebook does not allow you to change your page name, as this name is already used.

If you run a business, your customers and fans are likely to create Facebook Pages that can create views that diverge from your homepage. This is very common when you have a physical location and a Facebook user misspelled your business when checking in. Combining these pages allows you to keep all your fans and customers in one place, giving you more control over your message and marketing. So why cannot facebook pages merged or why does facebook page merging problem occur? 

First of all, this question may have more than one answer. For example, the contents, posts and topics under these pages may seem different from each other. So pages can look like different topics. In fact, although there are similar posts and similar people follow, pages may look different because of their names or content. In order to merge Facebook pages, both pages you intend to combine must have similar names and must be close enough to convince Facebook. Remember, facebook approves page mergers. In order to receive this approval, facebook must be absolutely convinced that these two pages are the same business page.

Fixing duplicate facebook Pages in case you don’t have a Facebook Page

If you don’t have an existing Facebook page and you’re creating a new page but have come across multiple pages with your business name, you need to prove your ownership. Let’s explain how you can do this as follows;When you enter your page at the top, right below the cover image, “Is this your business?” Click on the option.

If you have access to a business phone line, click the first option “Verify by Phone”. The easiest way to request your unofficial Facebook business page is by phone verification. This is an automated search Facebook will make to your business phone number to verify that you have access to your business phone number and that someone authorized to represent the business has requested this page. Searches from Facebook will give you an authorization code to enter your page. Although this is the easiest and fastest way, unfortunately, it is mostly the number left in the person who does not work, changed or opened the page after the phone numbers given for the pages. Therefore, this verification is not usually used.

If you do not have access to the business phone number to verify ownership of the page or receive an automatic call from Facebook, you can verify the Facebook business page with business documents. All you have to do is scan a picture or take a photo, upload one of the following documents:

Bill / Phone bill

Business license

Business Tax File

Formation Certificate

Main contract

When you upload one or more of the above documents, Facebook decides whether you are the owner of the page after reviewing these documents. At the end of a week or more review process, Facebook may decide that the page is not yours or request you to send more documents. 

Facebook page merge 2019 when you have another page

You hired someone to manage the Facebook business page, but now that person is no longer working for you and was the only person to access that page. So this means that you already had a page and then someone who started working with you opened a new page. Now you want to combine those two. 

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If you’ve found one or more pages with your business name, you’ll need to visit each page and claim ownership. You can report every page that should be under your control very easily: You can follow the steps below for facebook account merging; 

1) Go to the lower left corner of the Facebook business page cover you want to report, it says “Like”, “Follow”, “Posts” – right next to that you will see a button with three dots (…). Click this button.

2.) Scroll down and click on “Report Page”.

3.) A new pop-up will appear here. Select the last option that says “I think my intellectual property is unauthorized use” and click the Submit button.

4.) You will then be redirected to the Violation or Violation Reporting page. Choose which of the two rights has been violated: Copyright or Trademark. If you are not a trademark, you should opt for the copyright infringement option. Once you’ve made your selection, click the Submit button on the bottom right of the page.

5.) At the next selection, choose the option that best suits your scenario and click the Submit button.

If you get stuck or have questions, Facebook offers many resources on Facebook Business support portal. Here you can search for help, ask a question on the community support portal, or even create a new page.

How many days does Facebook page merging take?

There is no such thing as a Facebook page merging trick. The point to remember is that all such transactions must be approved by Facebook. So if you want to change the name of your facebook sales funnel tips, if you want to merge two independent pages, or if you want to change your facebook page links, it is not possible to use any tricks for this. After explaining all the requests for logical reasons and sending them to facebook, you get approval and then you do the transactions. 

The answer to the question of how many days it takes to merge Facebook pages depends on whether you already have a page or not. As we explained in detail above, if you already have one page, if a second page has been opened and you want to merge these two different pages, it is enough to show that you are the owner of these two pages. 

How is the process of separating Facebook merged pages?

Click this link as a shortcut to merge Facebook pages; the two pages you want to merge from the drop-down menus and click the Continue button.

Click Request Merge. Do not forget that you must be the fully authorized administrator of both pages in order to do this here. If you have roles such as editor or moderator on the page, you cannot do this page merge.

If you can’t merge your pages, it means that your Pages are not eligible to be merged – make sure the business information on both pages is as close as possible.

If you see the option to request consolidation of your pages, Facebook will review your request. If your request is accepted, it states that both pages are liked and the check-in process will be combined.You can choose which page to keep and which page to merge. The page you keep will remain unchanged, except for the likes and check-ins on the page you have combined with this page. The page you no longer want will be removed from Facebook and will not appear in search results in the future.

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