Are you confused about your project management Degree career path?

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Getting a project management degree and the career ahead

Most of us in our childhood grew up thinking that we would become a doctor, astronaut, teacher, police officer or a famous sports person. But as we proceed ahead, we understand that (1) there is no end to job opportunities, (2) we should take up a job which allows us to showcase our skills and (3) we should give importance to jobs which have a market demand. And as talk about market demand we come to the focal point of this blog which is a career in project management. Accordingly, you will also have to pursue a course or get a degree to get the job you want and in this case a project management degree is what you need. 

The role of project management is essential for almost all the businesses. It stands as the of all daily operations. If you take up the job of a project manager you would be responsible for maintain the cordiality among the team members, constructing the plan of action for the team, setting up deadlines and motivating the team mates to get the work done according to the set timeline. You are also entrusted to take care of the resources required if any for the team, you are supposed to communicate the requirements to the concerned department and get them approved and facilitated to the team members. 

If we go by the available statistics:

  • 38% of companies believe that the greatest barriers to success are the confusion about team roles and responsibilities.
  • 45% of PMOs have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  • 58% of organizations report more defined processes and practices as their key step to project success
  • 94% of companies agreed that project management is crucial for business growth.

As per reports the year 2020 itself has seen a rise in the workload of the project manager as the responsibility to communicate better and efficiently has become even more important with the organizations working remotely. Project managers have played an extensive role in helping the employees adjust to the remote working set up and let the work flow going on. So, it can be foreseen that in the coming years the number of projects management job is going to go up. And if you are deciding to take up a project management course you are on the right track. 

Now you might be concerned why do you need a project management course if you can get the job of a project manager with a management degree as well. Certainly, an undergraduate degree in management is the beginning point for many, followed by internships and trainee assistants. If you are clear that you would like to enter this field a specialization will work like a booster both for your skills and your resume. 

Getting a project management degree is basically getting a specialization in this particular area of management, which means your chances of getting the job as compared to many goes up. 

If you are still confused and are pondering upon whether you should move ahead with the career in project management? Or if you should pursue a project management course? Here is comprehensive explanation on why should!

As per available reports by the year 2027, there will be a demand of 87.7 million individuals in project management-oriented roles. We have enough evidence that the scope of project management is rapidly growing. One of the primary reasons being the companies paying detailed attention to the time and budget. Another reason for this growing demand is, the role of project management is crucial for every industry it is not specific to any particular sector. 

Realizing this an increasing number of business schools, universities and colleges have now included project management degree programs, certification courses, workshops and many more. We would advise you to research all the available options before you make the move. If you are already working and want to climb the ladder up in your career this is indeed a good option. 

Apart from this project management is a well-paid job. If nothing else excites you, this should! Salary of a project manager can vary from company to company and from industry to industry, nevertheless the amount is high. Also having a project management degree or certification can increase the salary by 10-16%.

And finally, the career of a project manager is rich and full of great opportunities. One of them being able to prove the leadership skills and take the team ahead in completing the projects. Each project is process of learning and each successful project is a credibility of how well you can manage the team, resources, budget and the time to produce the desired results.

By now you must have found the reason to look forward to this career opportunity. Now is the time for you to find a course and a college which caters to your learning needs and preps you up for your journey ahead. If you already have a graduate degree you can opt for Masters in project management course. Short term certification courses are also available, if you think you don’t have a lot of time. But certainly, a masters and or a bachelor’s degree throws a different impact. 

If you looking for similar courses in Zambia, Cavendish university is a good option. They offer the course in both bachelors and master’s level. Both the programs are well designed for the students to gain professional knowledge and develop the skills required for the fulfillment of the duty. The project management courses offered by Cavendish University are “dynamic educational experience that translates to the business world”. Students are taught all the important aspects such as planning, budgeting assessing the risk and documenting the reports etc. 

One of the important buying box considerations which you should make while selecting the course as well as the college is accreditation. There are many courses available but what makes them light on value is the credibility. All the courses in Cavendish University are accredited to the concerned authority and hence you need not worry about your degree’s value while seeking for a job. 

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