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A cross-sectional study carried out, among 138 adults enrolled in the study, 66 had a high arch, 21 had a low arch, and 51 were within the normal range. Another name for a high arch is pes cavus or cavus foot. The curved dome foot is a condition in which the heels of the foot are tilted towards the middle of your foot. There is a hollow in the middle of the foot that makes it hard to fit into dress shoes. 

75% of Americans experience foot problems at one time or another in their lives and awareness for foot health. You can prevent contoured arch to cause any deformity with appropriate arch support footwear.

How to determine the foot arch type?

There are types of foot arch:-

  • Normal feet 
  • Flat feet 
  • High arch feet

How to figure out which one I have? Take a wet test of your foot. 

  1. Pour water in a tub and step your feet in water one by one carefully. Place your bare feet on the thick cardboard.
  2. Examine your footprint carefully.
  3. If the arch of your footprint is half-filled and the toe or heel of the foot is visible, then it means you have Normal feet.
  4. If the arch of your footprint is complete and the toe or heel is visible, then it means you have Flat feet.
  5. If the arch of your footprint is not visible, just the toe and heel are visible, then it means you have a high arch foot. 

You can also determine the foot arch type through your experience.

  • If you feel pain in the ball and heel of the feet after running or jogging, it means you have a high tilt.
  • After running, if you feel pain in the heels and swelling in the arch, then it means you have flat feet.
  • If your feet can bear the weight of your body naturally and you do not experience any pain or swelling then, it means you have a normal foot.

How do you support the high Arch feet? 

Fallen arches do not cause any problem but can be a source of pain. Massaging and other orthopedic treatments can reduce pain.

But all you will need is high arch support for your foot health and pain relief. Your footwear must be super supportive and have metatarsal pads and footpads.

Dress footwear having orthotic inserts that prevent any discomfort and provide relief to a sore foot. They provide addictive support for the sole of the feet. 

Role of arch support in men’s dress shoes

Orthotic inserts in footwear have been in use since the 19th century. The first concept of the modern shoe insert probably came from the podiatrist, William Mathias Scholl, who founded Dr. Scholl’s brand. In the dress footwear, it reduces the load on Achilles’ tendons. The vibrating insoles help to distribute stress on whole feet. Best men’s dress shoes for high arch support improve balance and stability. They offer comfort and help to reduce pain. This type of footwear improves mobility and reduces plantar pressure. It’s the perfect solution for our style and needs. 

Features for best men’s dress shoes for high arch support

When you think about dress shoes, a stiff pair of footwear comes to your mind. But if you consider the following features before you buy dress shoes, it won’t disappoint you.

  1. Cushioning: provide support and softness to the feet; absorbs the strain of feet. It can prevent feet from varus heel or foot drops. It helps to improve the feet structure to the normal.
  2. Support: relieves foot-pain and prevents it from further extremities. 

While buying dress shoes must notice if the innersole or the back of the heel provides support or not. Must consider if it fits and provides you the complete support while walking. Excellent support is prevention from heel bone pronation or under pronation.

  1. Style: Apart from your needs, you also want a stylish pair of footwear. Always choose footwear that keeps you with the trend and helps you with reducing the pain and holding your feet properly. Choose elegant or classy designs or bright colors like brown or black and listen to your heart, which is your favorite color or style.
  2. Stability: improves your range of motion. It helps you while running and walking.
  3. Material: if you want to wear your footwear for a long time, give priority to quality. Look for good leather dress shoes having soft innersoles. Avoid nylon and other synthetics for footwear.
  4. Weight-bearing footwear prevents you from getting tired. Check the rigidity and thickness of the outer midsole of a boot.


If your boot’s innersoles are not firm enough, this problem can lead to feet overpronation. Pick the boots that bear shock absorption and prevent curves from collapsing and other deformities.

Plantar fasciitis affects about 10% of the US population. The effects of plantar fasciitis can be lessened by using supportive dress shoes. You can differentiate between casual or special technology sneakers by following this guide. When buying dress shoes, see all the above features in them. 

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