What Kind of Backlinks Are the Best for SEO?

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All online businesses have an objective of holding a top-notch ranking position on SERPs. It can be possible by forming a good SEO plan. In the case of search engine optimization, the marketing experts have to rely on backlink strategies. Mainly there are two types of strategies that can be formed. 

  • Qualitative 
  • Quantitative

In the case of the qualitative strategies, the marketers always try to create some quality backlinks by which they can increase website credibility and bring lots of traffic to the website as well. If you focus on the quantitative strategy, then it does not provide many effective results. Mainly here, the individuals are focusing on creating backlinks in bulk without focusing on the sources. 

The platforms that are available for qualitative strategies are highly-reputed and holding a good domain authority score. On the other hand, the quantitative strategy sources are available at lower domain authority scores and higher spam scores. Sometimes, these things start leaving a bad impact on the users’ website as well. 

Many individuals want to know what kind of backlinks they should create and perfect for their business website due to all these things. In the upcoming paragraphs, we are going to mention the best types of backlinks that you should consider for your website’s SEO plan. 

Types Of Backlinks 

Guest Blogging 

If you focus on the most effective link building strategy, then you can find the option of guest blogging for sure. It is a kind of outreach link building technique. In this particular technique, the interested ones have to reach the third-party website with a large audience and traffic base to post their content with some backlinks. While working on this particular plan, everyone needs to be careful and smart as they can. In case you deal with it carelessly and do not focus on proper details, you may not get the backlink and lose the content. Here, you have to use high-quality content with lots of information and valuable data with proper references. 

Blog Commenting 

Blog commenting is a specific technique to post comments on other websites’ blogs by placing a backlink to your website smartly. The individuals commonly use their main keyword as the anchor in blog commenting by placing a backlink to their website’s homepage. Mainly, these types of backlinks are provided by the platform with “no follow” attributes. 

It means the search engine will not read the link. But it can be useful in grabbing other readers’ attention and encouraging them to visit your website. While working on it, you have to overview the complete blog first and then create a specific and fully-featured comment for posting. In case the author or website owner detects, you are placing comments for backlinks and traffic only, then he/she may remove your comment. You need to be careful every time. 

Social Bookmarking Links 

There are different types of bookmarking websites available on the internet. These platforms mainly help the audience search for the best services or service provider as per their requirements. In case you want to reach the audience via these sources, you should start building social bookmarking links. 

In case you compare this particular method with other modern ones, then you can find its value equivalent to zero. It does not matter; you will not get effective results. 

Link Exchange Schemes 

All types of websites are looking for backlinks. To achieve such an objective, you can try to make a deal with other website owners. In the deal, you can ask them to provide a backlink to your website on their platform. In exchange, you will place their backlink on your website. It can help you in several ways, such as – getting a quality backlink and increasing the audience coverage area. 

Directory Page Link Building 

You can get multiple directories on the internet for different types of businesses and services. Becoming a part of these types of directories can help you in presenting your business and website effectively. For such a task, you should choose some reputed directory websites only. You cannot rely only on the directory page backlinks. You have to put in the maximum effort and create some quality links. 

Author Bio Backlinks 

When it comes to outreaching some reputed websites for backlinks, you may find some sources that directly refuse to give backlinks. Some of these platforms provide an option of posting your business details in the author bio section along with content. In the author bio section, you have an opportunity to get a backlink. Now it depends on you what kind of author bio description you will submit and where you will tag your website’s link. 

Social Media Platforms 

Some people believe that sharing impressive content on social media platforms and website links can assist them in increasing the number of backlinks quickly. In reality, sharing content and website links on the social media network cannot help you create backlinks. It can be useful in spreading awareness about your business and bringing some traffic to the website. It cannot be useful in SEO growth. 

Press Release 

A press release is a great option for large-scale business companies to spread awareness and create quality backlinks. There are different types of press release websites available on the internet that can help you make some specific company-related announcements openly. Along with it, you can connect your website by playing a link in the announcement. 


If we talk about a visual way to gather lots of information quickly, then infographics appear. It is a kind of long image that contains valuable details regarding a specific topic in the form of short sentences. With it, you can find multiple platforms where you can submit your infographics and represent your business to a large audience with some effective visuals. Here, you will get some specific link building opportunities as well. 

Profile Creation 

Profile creation backlinks can be useful to get new and organic traffic to the website. Mainly, these types of backlinks are formed with the creation of some profiles or accounts on some specific platforms. There are different types of platforms and categories available to create profiles. You need to be specific and create your profile on a genuine platform only. 

Forum Commenting 

You can see several discussion forums on the internet. Mainly these types of forums are created for sorting out the community problems with proper discussions. Here, people related to a similar thing can join a specific board and start listening to others and give their suggestions. You can join these types of forums and start posting your website backlinks in the relevant discussions. 

Final Words 

These are some major techniques or methods by which you can create lots of backlinks for your website. You can find multiple techniques, as well. While choosing a link building strategy, you have to keep search engine guidelines and algorithms in mind. In case you violate these guidelines, you may face unfavorable actions from the search engine bots. You have to follow the rules and regulations of white hat search engine optimization techniques only. If you don’t have knowledge about all these things, then it is good to hire the best SEO experts

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