Top 4 used luxury cars for sale in Dubai

car sale in dubai

In this fast paced life, cars play a pivotal role for the smooth communication, within a stipulated time. Besides, cars are the symbol of wealth and lavish lifestyle in Dubai. If you are true car lover, then Dubai could be the heaven for you. Here, you will find normal to exquisite brand new cars. Besides, pre owned cars in Dubai are also popular, as many people buy the pre-owned cars to save some of the bucks. 

A significant number of luxury cars are running daily on the busy streets in Dubai. You may be attracted by the glaring of those cars, but the price slashing your thoughts. You don’t need to be worried. You can still buy the second hand cars in Dubai. We have compiled a list of pre-owned cars for you. Scroll down below to get a detailed overview of the cars.

1.McLaren 650s Spider (AED 388,000 approx)

If you are looking for a exotic sports car, then you can go for McLaren 650s spider. You will get this car at a price of AED 388,000. This price depends on the condition of the car. Take a look at the features-

  • This car comes with a matte finish, which enhances the beauty of the car exterior.
  • Has a M838T 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged v8 machine.
  • Power output is 641 Hp. 
  • Torque rating is 678 Nm.
  • This sports can sprint from 0-100 KMPH in the time of 3 seconds.

2.Maserati Levante S Q4 ( AED 269,000 approx)

It is crossover Italian SUV, which launched in the year of 2016. If you desire to buy SUV any day, then your chance is here to grab this car. Check the following features-

  • Has the latest Q4 intelligent all wheel drive system.
  • V6 Engine is 3.0 litre, which is situated under the roof.
  • Has the 430hp horsepower, including 580 nm peak torques. 
  • Auto transmission is there for the smooth experience, while driving the car.
  • Comes with warranty and service pack both.

3.Ferarri California (AED 260,000 approx)

Thinking about the exquisite cars might include Ferrari. Among the various cars for sale in Dubai , Ferrari holds a special position in the heart for the car lovers. You will love to check the following features of the California Ferrari-

  • This model is occupied with front engine & eight-cylinder. 
  • Maximum power is 460 hp at 7,750 rpm. 
  • Front mounted engine is paired with a dual clutch auto transmission for the rear weight distribution. 

4.Bentley Flying Spur( AED 345,000)

This car has the pure British opulence. With a updated new generation model, this car would serve you the best. If you would like to buy used cars in Dubai, Bentley Flying Spur mesmerize you for sure. Scroll down below the to check the exciting features-

  • It has a twin-turbocharged V8 4.0 litre engine.
  • Has the automatic gearbox with quickshift.
  • Engine is rated at 500 horsepower at 660 Nm. 

Where you can find these pre-owned cars? 

Classified websites of UAE, would be the best medium to buy the pre-owned cars. Likewise, is the classified website, where you can find the various luxury used cars. We are successful to bring the smile in the car lover’s face. Join us and find your dream car from a wide number of sellers in our website.  

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