What are the best Ottawa Realtors practices to assist sellers and buyers?

Ottawa Realtors

Like in other any profession there are different level of real estate services Ottawa home sellers and buyer receive from their Realtors. The best Ottawa Realtors however, have honed their skills and back it up by hard work, due diligence and great experience.

In a hot Seller’s market such Ottawa is in 2019 the best Realtors working with buyer clients have an immensely powerful effect on the success of their house hunt. A great real estate agent is quick to spot that home for sale on the Ottawa MLS that truly fit the buyer’s criteria. They make the showing appointment quick and provide context to the listing such as the history of the home, recently sold data and similar models on the market.

In such an active Ottawa MLS market time is of the essence as almost every property is set up to receive multiple offers on a set date and time. The best Ottawa Realtors always come prepared for these competitive offer presentations. Ideally, they would do the home inspection before the offer presentation date.

Furthermore, they have the buyer clients’ pre-approval letter in hand to show, with the buyers’ permission to the listing agent during the presentation. A pre-approval letter should have the name of the buyers, the amount they are pre-approved for and the lending institutions’ letterhead on it at a minimum. 

Providing the current employment of the buyer’s is always another way to ensure the sellers take the buyers ability to finance the property seriously. A good listing agent will ask about each buyer to gauge their ability to get a firm approval from a bank or lender.

Discussing and deciding on a bidding strategy is very important to both the real estate agent and his or her clients are on the same page when it comes to negotiating for the home. Establishing a fair market value for the home is a must. Establishing a maximum offer price the buyer is willing and able to pay for the Ottawa home is also part of the strategy. 

Asking the listing agent about the seller’s preference to such issues as what they want to include in the offer and when they wish to close the transaction can further make the offer more attractive. 

In drawing up the offer the best Realtors in Ottawa still can protect their clients’ interest. They can put in one condition, if necessary to protect the buyer. A lawyer review condition is ideal for this reason. A real estate lawyer in Edmonton should read through the offer to make sure no errors are made and all dates and signatures are in place.

During the inspection if the general home inspector recommends specialists such as a wood fueled fireplace and chimney expert to inspect the fireplace then this should be organized and done on the same day, before the offer presentation. For older homes other specialist can be called to inspect the electrical wiring, foundation and other main components of the home. 

If the home requires some updating a general contractor can be called on to look at what needs to be either fixed and repaired and give a written estimate and scope of the project.

For home seller experienced agents can have a pre-listing inspection done on the property. This inspection works especially well for older homes. Some inspectors even give some type of warranties which is a great bonus. Buyers then can go through the report and analyze it for major issues that are in more immediate need to be fixed. This shows the seller is open about issues that may come with the home and makes it much easier to attract qualified buyers.

Setting the right price of course is crucial. For suburban homes it is generally not a difficult undertaking. Unique home such as custom build home on waterfront, historical homes however, can be easily mis-priced by inexperienced Realtors. When a missed priced home goes onto the Ottawa MLS it may turn buyers and their real estate agents off or the home sells for way under its real market value.

Working with the best Ottawa Realtors will help you find houses for sale in Barrhaven you truly like faster and buyers should be more prepared for a bidding war. Seller benefit by setting up an attractive price, disclosing a pre-listing inspection report to make the buyers’ decision easier and faster.

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