Quick and Hassle-Free Loans Against Securities

loans against securities

Are you planning to sell your shares or securities to meet a financial emergency? 

Are you struggling with the soaring rates of interest on personal loans? 

Are you contemplating giving in for unsecured loans against securities that come at a rate of interest as high at 12-15%?

Hold on! And check out this perfect overdraft facility called Loan Against Securities.   A loan against securities allows you to instantly raise money against your shares and securities without selling them! You can avail from about 60-80% of the value of your securities as a loan.

A loan against securities is a loan where you pledge your shares, mutual funds, government bonds, fixed deposits or insurance policies as collateral to the lenders against the loan amount you seek.

How Does an Instant Loan Against Securities Work?

Loan Against Securities are typically offered as an overdraft facility in your account after you have deposited your securities to the lender who approved your application for loan against shares. 

You can draw money from the account, and pay interest only on the loan amount  used. The interest payable is calculated only for the period you use the sanctioned loan against securities. 

For example, you are offered a loan against shares of Rs 20 lakhs. Let’s say, you draw Rs 10 lakhs and deposit the amount back into your account in one month. In this case, you are liable to pay interest only for one month on Rs 10 lakhs. 

The amount of loan you are eligible for depends on the value of the securities you offer as collateral. Rurash Financials help you source funds through a loan against securities from the most trusted lenders in the industry. You can avail a loan against shares based on a list of approved 800+ securities. 

How to Quick Apply a Loan Against Securities or Check your eligibility for the same?

1. Visit the website of a service provider like Rurash Financials.  

2. Fill up all the necessary details in the form and schedule a call with a relationship manager who can explain the possibilities as per your requirement and securities.

Benefits of Loan Against Securities 

  • Instant disbursal 
  • Pay interest only on the amount you use
  • Low-interest rate and processing charges
  • Set your own loan limits (minimum Rs 10 lakh and maximum Rs 100 crore)
  • Choose the stocks and mutual funds you’d like to pledge and benefit from the flexibility to change them in the future.
  • No prepayment charges 
  • No foreclosure penalties 
  • High loan-to-collateral value

All You Need to Know about Loan against Securities

  1. Loan amount
  • Get up to 80% of the value of securities pledged
  • Avail loans starting from ₹ 10 lakh
  • Get up to 50% of the value or NAV of equity shares held in Demat and mutual funds respectively
  1. Approved securities

Explore loans against securities the widest range of collaterals

The approved list of securities includes:

  • Equity Shares
  • Mutual Funds Equity: up to 50% of NAV (Net Asset Value)
  • Mutual Funds Debt: up to 80% of NAV
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • National Savings Certificates (NSC)
  • Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)
  • NABARD’s Bhavishya Nirman Bonds
  • Non-Convertible Debentures

A Perfect Overdraft facility

  • Get as much as you need out of your loan and pay interest only on that amount and for the duration, you use the funds
  • Interest will be calculated on the daily outstanding balance and debited to your account at the end of every month
  • No hassle of EMI payments or prepayment charges

Eligibility & Criteria

  • Resident of India 
  • Member of a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) – loan only on select securities
  • Owner of a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, or Private Limited Company

If you are a trust or a minor, you are not eligible for a  loan against securities.

Interest rates

Enjoy highly competitive interest rates as low as 9% and minimal processing charges

Processing and approval

  • Get minimal and easy documentation and fast disbursements.
  • Avoid hidden fees and experience a completely transparent process.

Looking to apply for a loan against over 800+ securities and shares from a trusted lender? Click here!


A loan against shares can be a valuable financial product for investors who need access to instant funds to meet their financial needs. Our loans against securities services comes with a designated loan officer who will bring to you several important features, assist you through the process, and explain the options available like pledged securities, a wide range of approved securities that will help you raise a loan amount from Rs.10 lac onwards, upto 100 Crores. If you need access to funds, consider taking a loan against securities. Reach out to Rurash Financials now, visit: www.rurashfin.com