Livable Australian Cities & Affordable Suburbs to Rent A House for The Short & Long Terms

Livable Australian Cities

Sydney in Australia is the greatest city in the world that was once crowned Australia’s most unaffordable place to live. Sydney, the capital of New South Wales (NSW), is one of the largest cities in the country, which is known for its Harbour Bridge and Opera House. It is famous for many landmarks, admiring arts and culture, spectacular mountains, pristine beaches, and many other things. 

Sydney – the largest city

Sydney is a green city that has a pleasing and healthy environment for living. Many people have dreams of living in coastal locations. Sydney is a coastal metropolis with over five million population, making it’s the largest in Australia with an area of 12,368km2. Still, its density of population is quite low compared to many other largely populated cities of the globe.

Sydney – a dream city with livable factors

In this post, we are briefing factors that encourage many people to live and settle in Sydney. We aim to let you know the best places to live in Sydney and to know about the residential properties in this city. Sydney’s real estate offers excellent opportunities to the people having dreams of living in this city. The residential properties are available for sale and rent. Sydney is so livable, and this city achieved the highest-ever ranking. The inner-city Sydney real estate specialists think that it is an amazing place to live and work. The five factors – infrastructure, stability, education, healthcare, and culture and environment, have been considered crucial for the highest-ranking of the city from the perspective of living.


Sydney has a growing population. Sydney has excellent energy and cleans water facilities. From the infrastructure viewpoint, Sydney is a perfect city with a range of public transport options. Facilities like trains, buses, ferries, and airports are available in this city to facilitate the large population in commuting for work and other tasks. Besides this, there are great shopping and sporting facilities, world-class restaurants, and many other amenities and recreational facilities. Beautiful green spaces offer the choice of living in the inner city.


Sydney is a stable and safe place to live in. The crime rate is very low. The crimes in this city are not so violent. There are not many terror-related activities in this city.


Education is the prime consideration of the people having a school or college-going children. Sydney has the very regarded private schools and the best schools in the country, besides primary and K.G schools. The world-class Sydney University, UTS, and specialist institutions are plus points of living in this city. All these make Sydney a great place for families.


Sydney is highly concerned about its resident’s health. Sydney has a highly subsidised public health system, and some teaching hospitals. Besides, people have a choice of private hospitals and the easy availability of medication.

Culture and environment

Sydney, a heaven on earth, has a pleasing climate due to its sea pools, stunning beaches, and surrounding bushlands. The city provides an optimal balance of environment and culture.

Sydney’s marvelous culture can be judged from the Art Gallery of NSW, the Sydney Theatre Company, the world-famous Sydney Opera House, and a wide choice of entertainment. Many arts and multicultural festivals and open-air events are associated with these renowned institutions. You can also enjoy a variety of cuisine, such as modern Australian cuisine, and more in Chinatown and Italian eateries.

Sydney home rentals

Sydney is an expensive city, especially for accommodation. The housing is not affordable for everyone. It won’t be so easy to buy a house in this city, but you can find many rental properties available in the city. Search them with the keyword “properties for rent Sydney.” You can search for them on the best rental sites. Many apartments in Sydney appear on the rental sites, but they disappear faster than anything else. Rental houses are open for inspection for fifteen minutes at a time. So, you should narrow down your search not to miss out on the opportunity.

Rental homes in Melbourne

Sydney is unquestionably an excellent place for housing. Yet, there are more livable cities, such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth in Australia. The factors considered for Sydney’s rating are also favorable for these cities. If you don’t have a preference for living in Sydney, you can search for rental properties in Melbourne as there are many properties for rent Melbourne available. Sign a lease agreement for some suitable apartment. The Melbourne suburbs – Albion, Cranbourne, Dandenong, Doveton, Frankston, Hoppers Crossing, Kingsville, Melton South, Millgrove, and Werribee are most affordable for rental properties.

Rental homes in Perth

Besides Melbourne, Perth is also an excellent place for living. Perth is also excellent to live for international students due to its lively and exciting nightlife. Every street in Perth is safe at night. You can search for many rental properties in this city with the keyword “property for rent Perth.” The Perth suburbs – Attadale, Churchlands, Dalkeith, Floreat, Menora, Mount Clairmont, Rossmoyne, Salter Point, Shelley and Swanbourne are excellent for living. Churchlands is a stunning suburb and Dalkeith is a beauty to behold with the stunning views of Swan River, impressive architecture, and large homes. 

Rent a house in Port Macquarie – a paradise destination

Port Macquarie is a town at the mouth of the Hastings River in New South Wales. It is a beautiful destination with beaches, wildlife, and penal colony past. It is a great place to live. Many rental apartments are available for short-term and long-term lease. Many tourists rent accommodation for the short-term, a few days, weeks, or sometimes months. You can find the best budget rental accommodation options in this paradise location. Search for many rental houses in Port Macquarie and you will one at an affordable Port Macquarie rent.

Wrap up

If you plan to settle in Australia or visiting there for the short-term as a tourist, this post will help you know the places where you can find a suitable house to provide your family a comfortable life in this country. You can also maintain your budget when staying in affordable houses. Hope this post serves your purpose.

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