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Some leading names in the sphere of mobile game development happen to be Stencil, Twine, and Unity. However, the Unity engine developed by Unity Technologies is widely considered to be the best for indie and mobile games. Although there is a debate surrounding this question for lack of evidence, there is no doubt that a major portion of game developers turn to Unity for game development. The developers prefer the features provided by Unity over any other software. More than half of the best mobile games of 2019 were developed under Unity Technologies. Even content that comes under Augmented or Virtual Reality is commonly developed by Unity game engine. This is why people have been using this as Poker Game Software .

Unity supports platforms like iOS, Android, PS4 and Windows Mixed Reality and therefore has seen more than 30 billion installations in the last year and has reached billions of devices. Another reason for it being popular with the game developers is its ability to create 2D, 3D, AR and VR content. However, the main reason for the gaming software being used around the globe is because it does not charge any money. The developers are allowed to create or develop games with the Personal License provided to them by Unity. However this is just for the small scale developers. The developers with business licenses and the Pro version charge the developers $40 and $150 respectively, depending on the revenues earned by them.

Benefits of opting for Unity:

·  Global Reach:

The fact that Unity has a worldwide reach and is known all over the globe makes it easier for the developers as the contractors are aware of the software and there is no need to adapt to a new engine which might be tedious. As there are a lot of developers using it for creating games, it has become the go-to software for the businesses and therefore this increases the employability of these developers. It is beneficial for the poker game software  developers to go for it because of its reach. 

·  Boon for Beginners:

The main reason for it being the only software that beginners learn and recommend while starting off is the fact that it is free of cost for people who are earning less than certain revenue out of game development. This proves to be beneficial to people who aspire to become developers as they get a platform to start working at. It also does not burden the starters with the complexities of game development, especially in 3D. It is the most convenient software if one wants to learn and create, while also having tools that facilitate difficult programming for the serious developers.

·  Allows for rapid processing:

Another advantage of using Unity is its speed as it tends to not lag and slow down with tons of work. It agility allows developers to come up a different concept by themselves and execute it too. The software allows the developers to create a game in a brisk manner without coding or with a minimal code.

·  Convenience because of flexibility:

A further addition to the credentials of its features is the flexibility offered by Unity. The game can be ported to varied or different platforms following its launch. In specific, the games developed under Unity can be ported to 25 distinct platforms which benefits the developers immensely. The process of the game being ported to different platforms is the simplest one.

·   Varied tools at the developers’ disposal:

Unity has a huge asset store which has a range of diverse tools at the disposal of the developer and provides community support for creating games. The store has more than a million assets that the developers can put to use individually, making it convenient for the developers to create different games.

·  Developers can add their own tools:

The store does not only provide the developers with the tools that they might be in need of while developing their own game, but it also grants them the flexibility of building up and adding their own tools to the store with a simple process. However, for small scale developers and starters, the software does all the work and coding and takes the burden off the developers.

·         Convenience in VR development:

The developers consider Unity to be the best software for the creation of Virtual Reality because of developers being familiar with it for a long time and the features added to the Unity software make it easier for VR developers. Another reason for it being used to create VR is the fact that most teams developing virtual reality are small scale and therefore Unity is the only software that they have access to. The quality of this helps the poker game software developers to make more cool looking features.

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