10 Best Desktop Software to Download & Install in Your New PC

best desktop software

Did you just buy a new PC, upgraded or reinstalled your laptop or Desktop PC OS? There are some inevitable software tools you need to install so that will help you enjoy the PC. This software are categorized in order to cover a wide range of usage. Are you a web developer, coder, graphics designer, movie freak, office secretary, etc.? These software recommended below got you covered. There are some that are really necessary for any type of use. You just need to Software like anti-virus, driver tools, etc. Check out these software and where you can download and install them for free or a little fee.

Recommended Software Tools for New Computers

Web Browser: Google Chrome and Opera Mini

This list would be incomplete if Google chrome is not mentioned in this list. This software comes handy and is very compatible with any type of OS. It is completely free to download and install. Whatever you need in a browser, Google chrome got you covered. Its speed of loading pages is incomparable. It has the largest library of add-ons and extensions which makes the browser more efficient and enjoyable. You can always get the latest version for free for any OS.

Another amazing web browser worth mentioning is Opera mini. It is available for different OS like Windows, Linux and Mac. This light weight browser is laden with built-in features that make it unique. Some of these features are: Ad blocker, Free VPN, Battery saver, Unit converter, Sync data, Battery saver, Import bookmarks, Integrated messengers (facebook, whatsapp, etc.), personal news, Snapshot tool, Opera flow, Crypto wallet, Video pop-out and Instant search. Get the latest opera browser for any OS for free. 

Office Suite: Microsoft Office Package and Google Docs

Microsoft has always been on the lead when it comes to office software tools. Whatever category of tool you need, be it for text editing, presentation, charting, data analysis, etc., Microsoft has a perfect tool for you. The full MS package contains 5 main packages like:

  • Word: For text editing and formatting (word processing).
  • Excel: A powerful spreadsheet management tool for chart analysis and general data analysis, with powerful built-in formulas.
  • Access: A powerful relational database tool for local and dynamic web development.
  • PowerPoint: A graphical presentation software for individual and commercial use.

You can just subscribe to Office 365 and enjoy these packages. 

If you need a browser based version for these office tool, then go for Google Docs, which have Google Forms, all the features and can serve the purpose of these Microsoft Office tools.

Antivirus: Avast

Avast Security gives you an advanced protection, both online and offline against viruses, spyware, threats, ransomeware, WI-FI network, etc.

With the secure line VPN, you can easily hide your online activities from unwanted access. The protection is not only for desktops, it is also available for mobile. You can use it to secure your business online activities and also secure your network. There is a free trial version and also a premium version, which gives you complete protection.

Media Player: VLC

With VLC media player, you can play almost any type of video and multimedia offline. It is very necessary that you have an offline media player that does not require a web browser to run. You can also find it useful in various streaming protocols. VLC media player is free to download and install.

File Compression and Extraction: WinRAR and Unarchiver

This is a very cool file compression and extraction software tool for Windows OS. It is free and easy to download and install and does not consume much space. The latest WinRAR software is available Here.

If you are a Mac OS user, I recommend the Unarchiver tool which does very similar work as WinRAR for Windows OS.

Coding and Web Development: Notepad++ and Adobe Dreamweaver

If you are looking for a free Windows OS source code editor, then Notepad++ got you covered. The software ensure a very high execution speed and very small program size. It also supports many programming languages. Download the latest version.

Adobe Dreamweaver allows you to design and publish responsive webpages as fast as possible for any web browser and device. You can also build and manage dynamic websites with Dreamweaver. The visual aid feature helps to reduce errors, while also ensuring a fat web development. Even if you don’t have a grounded knowledge of coding, Adobe Dreamweaver allows you to drag and drop while it generates the source automatically for you. The source code is also accessible. There is a free trial version and also a premium version. You can also subscribe for Adobe creative cloud to enjoy all the Adobe packages for just a little fee per month.

Driver Tool: DriverPack Solution

This driver software tool detects the best drivers for your PC, downloads and installs them automatically. If you upgraded your computer’s OS, then you must surely need these software bcause there are some driver software you might be finding it difficult through normal online search. You can use DriverPack online, which requires internet connection for the download and installation. There is also an Offline network option. You will only need internet to download the tool. Then you can use it offline.

Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw

Another amazing graphic design tool from Adobe is Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is more than just a graphic design software. You can use it for photo editing, digital painting 3D animation, etc. The tool is available for desktop and iPad. Graphic design has been simplified by Adobe Photoshop. You can now easily design posters, banners and even websites with the help of this software.

Another alternative CAD with 2D drafting, vector illustration, and 3D design tool is CorelDraw. It is available for Windows and Mac OS. There is also a trial version.


You read a concise review of some recommended software tools for a new PC or a desktop with its OS re-installed. Check the ones that are relevant to your field and grab them. Do you have any contribution in this article? Drop it in the comment section below. Enjoy!

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