How To Increase Hotel Revenue With SEO Marketing

increase hotel revenue

Whenever we speak of hotel revenue and digital marketing there is always one aspect that comes in between which is SEO marketing. It is such an important aspect that it can technically elevate the hotel revenue if catered properly and help in receiving direct bookings for your hotel. So if you are also stuck with what do to with the SEO marketing of your hotel this blog will help you with it. Following are simple tips to implement in your hotel or restaurant’s SEO marketing –

Unique content

Always write SEO-centric content and most importantly write in a unique and freestyle, let’s be honest people are fed up with the same generic tone and jargon of digital marketing but at the same time ensure that your content is user-friendly. Many branding agency hospitality niches will tell you the same thing.

Directing Booking from your website

Make sure that the content had the right keywords and the right keywords lead the customers or audience to the right pages of your website, your website must have an option for direct booking else the whole exercise will become a waste because the potential customer will no longer be able to make a booking.

Pick a good online booking engine and insert your hotels into that website, the disadvantage is that you may receive traffic from a different website but still, it’s a good bet.

Involve in link building

Yes, you read that right when you list your hotels on different platforms Google makes a note of it and therefore your hotel appears more clearly on the search results, the more its visibility increases, the more the chances of getting a booking eventually contributing to your hotel’s revenue.

Connect With A Hotel Marketing Company

There is nothing wrong with knowing what you can do and for what you need assistance from others, so for aspects like SEO marketing you can always try and connect with a good digital marketing agency, it will be an added benefit if they would work in a particular niche of the hospitality sector.

Apply Plugins

If you are a small hotel or restaurant it is most beneficial for you to include that always try to track your website, it is very important to have a track of it and apply an application program interface to add the booking to your website, it gets easily indexed by search engines.

As a business owner always try to track and understand what competitors are doing on their website, the browsing of visitors after they leave your website and the organic traffic of your business.

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Use Local SEO

Some of the key pointers to keep in mind for hotel revenue through SEO marketing are –

Optimize your hotel with Google my business

  • Use keywords in headlines, for local SEO, try using city names and famous places in your content. Take help and learn from a hotel marketing company if needed to ensure better results.
  • Carefully pay attention to building both internal and external links to derive more credibility and relevance for your business.
  • Try and register more and more customer reviews from people, authentic reviews help build your social media presence.

Hope this article helped you understand the basics of SEO marketing and that may you employ these small tips to make your business grow.