AI SEO: Working Smarter, Not Harder in Digital Marketing


14th September, 2022

“Work Smarter, Not Harder.”

You have undoubtedly heard this saying more than once, given the likelihood. The goal of “smart” work is to increase productivity so that you can do more tasks in a shorter time. If you work more efficiently, you will have more time in the day to sleep, work out, be creative, and relax.

The key to completing your to-do list more quickly is to work more productively without sacrificing the quality of your work. How does that function?

Thatware LLP graciously welcomed the chance to quickly and effortlessly handle digital marketing. Look at some easy suggestions that our crew frequently follows:

  1. Change up your Workflow

Although it may seem quite clear, most individuals have trouble with this. Once you become accustomed to doing things a certain way, changing is quite challenging.

2. Start with the Hard Tasks

Getting the most difficult and urgent tasks done first will inspire you more. When you’re still energized, work on the most crucial chores early in the day.

This will prevent from staying up late at work and attempting to accomplish a crucial task because another obstacle prevented you from completing it earlier in the day. By doing a crucial activity, you’ll probably feel inspired to accomplish more over the rest of the day.

3. Keep your Email Clean

It’s incredibly hard to break the habit of ignoring emails once you’ve let your inbox get up to 400+ unread emails. Creating mail and obtaining the mail list in the first stage will be simple if your inbox is kept tidy. The digital marketing initiatives must be kept up while you work on marketing campaigns so that you don’t have any problems.

4. Automated Reporting

You might easily automate the report-generating process rather than spending hours each day manually collecting data, crunching statistics, and preparing reports, only to have to perform the same process again.

In order to save the time, doing this will also make you more organized, enable you to produce impressive reports for your supervisor, and enhance the frequency of analysis. Daily or weekly reporting may be automated, and if necessary, reports can be scheduled to be prepared and sent directly to clients through email.

Apply the Tips for Your Business

Thatware makes a significant effort to help average people, small company owners, middle-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 firms thrive with their online endeavours and sales funnels. We provide customised SEO solutions and digital marketing plans for any type of business, regardless of the competition. Additionally, we keep up with the most recent advancements in digital marketing.

It is impossible to compare our approaches and tactics to those of the top SEO firms worldwide.

Our sole goal is to increase sales while sustaining an exponential rise in the amount of capital being turned over by the firm. Because we don’t only aim to offer a service or an SEO package, we are unlike other top SEO firms worldwide. Instead, we provide specialized, cutting-edge smart search solutions. So, do you think it’s true that we value intelligence over effort? You may now use the idea in everyday life.